Side Effects May Include

Side Effects May Include



Soo many drugs.  Soo many possible side effects.

One has to laugh when watching any one of the prescription drug commercials on TV.  It consists of twenty seconds of info about the drug…followed by forty seconds of the most gruesome side effects you’ll ever hear!  (Is this a drug commercial or an experiment of Dr. Mengele?)

Good God, why would anyone want to take this stuff?  The potential side effects are worse than the condition you are trying to treat!


For this reason, I thought it would be fun to test your knowledge of side effects of some popular medications.

You can take with food or water. 

Ready?  Let’s begin….



#1)   “Flu-like symptoms such as headache, fatigue, fever and chills” are side effects of:




A)   Avonex

B)   Rebif

C)   Exposure to Mrs. McGillycutty’s third grade classroom

D)   A, B & C





#2)   “Dry Mouth” is one of the common side effects of:


cotton balls


A)   Zanaflex

B)   Eating cotton balls

C)   Public speaking

D)   All of the above






#3)   “Drowsiness, fatigue and constipation” are side effects of:




A)   Reading My Odd Sock

B)   Thanksgiving dinner

C)   Valium

D)  Doing A & B at the same time






#4)   “Mild memory problems or confusion” are possible side effects of:



A)   Lipitor

B)   I have MS, I already have these

C)   Being a member of Congress





#5)   “Headache or abdominal pain” are reported to be the most common side effects of:


Larry the cable guy


A)   Prilosec

B)   Watching the Prilosec TV commercial with Larry The Cable Guy as the spokesman.

C)   Do you really need a third option?




#6)   “Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and increased sweating” are reported to be the most common side effects of:


Sausage Gravy


A)   Xanax

B)   Prednisone

C)   Bob Evans’ Sausage, Biscuits & Gravy

D)   Both B & C





#7)   “Suicidal thoughts or attempts” are potential side effects of:


TLC logo

A)   Accutane

B)   Penicillin

C)   Watching more than 30 minutes of ANY program on TLC

D)   Both A & C





#8)   “Having an erection lasting four hours or more” is a possible side effect of:




A)   Viagra

B)   Cialis

C)   Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue

D)   All of the above




Well, how did you do?

Are you ready to work behind the counter at Walgreens?

Maybe next time you see a prescription drug commercial on tv, you’ll laugh as I do.  Because the information they present

…is a lot to swallow!


9 Replies to “Side Effects May Include”

  1. Cute! I’ve often listened to those side effect listings, and I wonder how anyone would really take such a medication. Then I heard that rarely do those happen, but the company needs to protect itself. You know, like McDonald’s warning consumers that hot coffee could burn you because it’s,well, hot!

  2. I know the side effects can scare one to death….but your test is a good laugh about them

  3. If we were afraid of the side effects, none of us would take any

    My most recently prescribed medication listed “May cause death in the elderly” as the first side effect. I just turned 60, so I guess I’m considered to be “elderly”. I read the obituaries every morning…….just in case……..

  4. Then there are potential side effects from everyday foods like “fat free” potato chips containing Oleastra. That is almost comical sounding but none of us is interested in anal leakage either. There seem to be side effects to everything including living with MS. One cannot escape side effects in life!

  5. I’m holding a seminar on MS in los angeles April 14th on alternative natural treatments to cure MS . I was diagnosed years ago and have never had another symptom or relapse. my name is tracy and i can be reached at or 310-461-5084.
    God Bless you


  6. I laughed out loud throughout the entire post! And you make such a great point that these commercials spend more time pointing out the potential problems with the meds than their supposed benefits. The often make me thing of the SNL “Happy Fun Ball” commercial from a few years ago. “… do not taunt Happy Fun Ball …”