Look Of The Irish

Look Of The Irish






Strong.  Stoic.  And rich in history.



Ireland landscape



An island of pastures, lush lands and picturesque beauty.



Its people, proud and spirited.



I have never had the pleasure to visit Ireland, but Sunday being Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought what a fitting time to salute the people of this fine land.


people 2


Clad in their shamrock greens, I’m amazed & awe-struck of the citizen’s belief in ones Irish esteem.


It is truly an inspiration in heritage.



people 4


Acknowledging strife and struggle, as well as victory of heart & valor, the people of Ireland proudly wear their clover glasses each day.


From the city-dwellers of Dublin…to shepherds herding their flocks in the Wicklow Mountains, the spirited green glow shines daily.


People 1


I mean, the images of the Irish people…with their reddish beards and floppy, green hats…they ARE from Ireland right?

We may drink Shamrock Shakes…but they paint them on their faces, dammit!



 people 3

 Of course they are from Ireland!

Why Saint Patrick’s Day is the time of year when true-blooded Irish townsmen are honored in all their glory.

These pictures we see in our papers & on television wouldn’t be of phony, Irish impostors.

Would they? 

Please tell me no, not one bit.





Yes, true Irish even adorn the future generations with top hats & cloaks of green.


dog 2




And the house pets of Ireland sport the nation’s blarney!

(It even barks with an Irish accent.)





As I said before, I have never visited Ireland, but I know deep in my heart, the people of this small, Celtic island wear their Irish pride on their sleeves.  Not just this day, but everyday.


Lucky Charms



In fact, “Lucky”, Ireland’s most popular ambassador, is known for issuing a proclamation that is reportedly “magically delicious.”

Therefore it’s gotta be true!


  people 5


So on Sunday, let’s look past the Irish wanna-bees in our neighborhoods….and remember the true, Morph-suited Irish Gaelic’s of the Motherland.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day indeed.




4 Replies to “Look Of The Irish”

  1. Happy St. Paddy’s to you and all your readers! I suppose it’s only because of the limitations of space that you didn’t delve into the legend of St Patrick driving the snakes from the green isle. I have never been fortunate enough to visit the land of the blarney stone either but St Patrick’s day is a special day even for an old sour kraut (german) such as myself. My son was born on St Patrick’s Day at St Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula Montana. That’s why we named him Gregory Dale. (There is some logic there). May the luck of the Irish be with you.
    The old guy – Bob

  2. You wouldn’t believe how differently they celebrate the day in the ould sod! No crazy green attire, no coloring everything green, no raucous drinking parties (well, anymore than usual!) It’s more of a religious feast, and the main color? Gold! My ancestors did come from Ireland, but I wear my Aran knits and claddaughs to celebrate. I’ve been there to visit several times, and the charm and beauty there overwhelms me. Happy Day to you, also!

  3. The closest I ever got to Ireland was the airport. Does that count? Back in the 1970’s I was flying to Europe, and the plane made a stop in Ireland to refuel. I can remember back over 30 years, but can’t remember what I did yesterday. 🙂

  4. Bob,
    Great story about your son! Happy B-day to him!

    Leave it to the folks here to blow it out of proportion. That was the jist of my post. Thank you for the truth!

    That’s close enough. You will a prize!