Being Labeled

Being Labeled





I don’t like being labeled.

All my life I have been able to shuck & jive my way out of being labeled as a nerd, geek, suck-up, dweeb and idiot.

(OK maybe “idiot” is still up in the air, but I’m trying.)

It’s this current label I just can’t escape.


Call me a gimp, cripple, handicapped or physically-challenged and I’ll answer yes, yes, yes and yes.  Begrudgingly.


label maker



MS has labeled me in every aspect.

Fron the canes I walk with…to the chair I roll with.



Doesn't EVERYONE have one of these?
Doesn't EVERYONE have one of these?




Fron the Dyna-Splint brace (fancy name for a medieval torture device!) I strap to my leg before I sleep…to the parking placard I hang from the mirror when I park.





This occupation has no future.
This occupation has no future.




I was happy to be designated as a “legal-gimp” by Social Security…and yet I bummed by my “occupation” listed on the tax forms.





Say it like you mean it.
Say it like you mean it.



I get agitated by MSers who say “I have MS, but it doesn’t have me.”

Not sure what Jim Jones punch they’re drinking, but I got a tall, cool glass of reality for them to taste.  Because MS seems to have me by the you-know-whats, and it doesn’t appear it will let me out of its wrath any time soon.

I’m a fairly positive guy, but this label is just too clingy for my liking….


Do I have to spell it for you?
Do I have to spell it for you?




…In other words, being labeled with MS really…..



Yeah, like what he said!



Why so glum, chum?
Why so glum, chum?



We interrupt this wah-wah, belly aching to say it is obvious My Odd Socky is having a boo-boo day.


Lighten up Shirley because it could always be worse.  Grab yourself by the elastic & pull your tube up to mid-calf level and get on with it!



Yeah, I was going nowhere fast.  Sorry you had to read my ranting.  Just sometimes you have to let it out.

Being labeled as something is stifling enough.

Being labeled with MS can be downright suffocating.

Breathe deep my friend.


8 Replies to “Being Labeled”

  1. I’ve never been one for labels, but if I were…mine would be, “Absolutely Fabulous” Now that you have had your rant, I hope your day gets better!

  2. Sorry that Odd Sock is having a bad day. Maybe, instead of being annoyed about having that MS label, you could think of it as “Marvelous Sock!” I know, euphemisms really don’t help!

  3. We are also not to say “we are disabled”. Instead, we are suppose to say “we have a disability”. Whatever…….FYI……I list my occupation as “Retired”, not “Disabled”. 🙂

  4. Love Karen’s label! Noticed you used MSers which I use all the time but have recently learned it is not that cool- kind of grouping us all together and taking away our indiviual identities without MS. But the correct phrase is “people with disabilities” which is awkward and groups us with them- those OTHER people with disabilities (haha.) Seriously though, I am wondering how you feel about the term MSers- does it offend you?

  5. Well, right now, I have decided to remove your label. There you go…no more disabled, MS, handicap BS…. to me you are just that cool guy who makes me laugh everytime you stop by and visit with me. Have you seen Legends of the Falls. When the old man is standing on the porch and is all mad and says “SCREW EM”. That’s what I say to your labels.
    “SCREW EM” …. Ok, enough of my rant darn it all to heck. Breathe. Deep breaths. LOL~~~ Tomorrow will be better, I promise. SEnding hugs and light my friend.

  6. You’re no more of a label then anyone else. It’s like putting a label on us like any other over the years that have a negative meaning. We are “joe, john, bill, sara, sue, pointless”. I know you sock and u know what this means. A nickname is a good thing, it’s all these other labels that get old. I always just remind people who I am, not what I have. And sure, I get a kick out of my nickname…and you’re nickname gives us all tons of laughs. Hang in there Sock!