About My Odd Sock

About My Odd Sock


NOT the creative genius you were hoping.


Hi, I’m Doug.

Welcome to My Odd Sock, the dimly-lit world of my humor, thoughts and complete waste of Internet technology.



My Odd Sock is a personal glimmer of inspiration.  My creative dream of a lifetime.  (Sad, isn’t it?)


Getting desperate.


Actually no inspiration needed.

As a former stand-up comedian and long career as a broadcast advertising copywriter, I am just writing stuff to amuse.



“Hey, what’s with the canes, rollator & wheelchair?” you ask.

Just call me the Inspector Gadget of mobility.

Truth is, I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Diagnosed in 1996.  

I needed a laugh.


The cheapest & most effective form of advertising.


Hence, the revelation of My Odd Sock.

Certainly not worthy of a special on Lifetime. 

It’s just my story.


Enjoy the ride!



4 Replies to “About My Odd Sock”

  1. I’ve been following Mr. Ankerman on Twitter for several years. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever followed.

    Highly recommended!

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