Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts



Mixed Nuts


It is what it is.

A ridiculous collection of oddball observations & ridiculous ideas to share during this weekend of low-wattage fun.

(Sounds as stupid as a Pauly Shore film festival)



Let the concave begin…



Mail Time





I received this envelope in the mail.


The over-sized, blazing red words “Do Not Bend” caught my eye.



How was this important correspondence delivered to my home?





Folded, like origami, of course!


Eh, turns out it was junk mail anyway.  So who cares.

Just thought it was par for the course.





This Sweeper Sucks




Our Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum has a built-in “Dirt Finder” with a green light when the floor is clean and red light when dirty.


I’m thinking it needs a new green light bulb because it never comes on.

Blown bulb I figure.




Call Me Maybe





In our home, we have a drawer full of old, mainly broken cell phones.








And so, we also have a drawer containing a slew of phone chargers.



What do you do with all this crap?



I have come up with a game!  (Yes, call me the Milton Bradley of idiots.)

Can you match the phone on the left…..with the correct charger on the right?

Simply follow the cords!



So goes “Mixed Nuts.”  Your weekend can only get better!

Answers:  1-D, 2-C, 3-A, 4-E, 5-B












5 Replies to “Mixed Nuts”

  1. Speaking of nuts — I like the Deluxe Mix — no peanuts. Did you know you can donate your old phones to the police — they set them up for 911 only and give them to folks who need them.

  2. I agree with Muff regarding donating your phones. I think the battered women’s shelters here also set them up with the 911 only option.

  3. Thanks for the prompting about old cell phones–I’ll do some checking.
    Problem is, most of these phones no longer work…Wonder if that makes a difference?

  4. OH I love nutts, all kinds, I especially like the wasabi, hot and spicy any flavor you can put on a nutt I like.
    CAll me nutts!

    Sending light your way!