What’s In A Name

What’s In A Name


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A product’s name is everything.

It can fuel its success or drown its failure.

That’s why companies spend oodles of money on research and product development to get a name juuuuust right.

They gather focus groups.  They  nudge & nitpick for impressions, thoughts & motivations.  They pour over test market results to learn what consumers want, what they prefer or what they can’t stand.




All in hopes to create a compelling product name, like Go-Gurt.



I am fascinated with product names.  Especially when it comes to those of prescription drugs and automobiles.  Two entirely different products–but in some instances, a close similarity in names.  You see there is a whole CVS Pharmacy full of prescription drugs…as well as a whole fleet of vehicles whose names end in the letter “a.”

For example:

Would you drive an Oldsmobile Brilinta?  Or take Bravada as a blood thinner?  Let’s hope not as Bravada is the car while Brilinta is the blood thinner.  (Both overpriced I’m sure!)


Reputable name.


Does GMC make the Allegra?  Or the Acadia?



Choose the popular Subaru model:

A)  Tribeca

B)  Truvada


You treat MS with Gilenta but you drive to MS in a Fiesta.


For sleeplessness, a doctor may prescribe:

A)  Lumina

B)  Lunesta


Beep beep.


Which Buick gets better gas mileage?

A)  Terraza

B)  Tremfya



You can drive two and take one for depression.  Which is what?

A)  Cressida

B)  Celexa

C)  Corolla


Official drug logo.

Hyundai produces the Sonata.

Oceana Therapeutics makes Solesta.


Finally, I am out of here.

Which one is my get-away car?

A)  Humira

B)  Brilinta

C)  Spiriva

D)  Otezla

E)  Integra

F)  Abreva




2 Replies to “What’s In A Name”

  1. Point to ponder…… why don’t these drugs start with the letter ” Z” ?
    Was the focus group held in Florida? 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      Very funny! You are right-on about the Florida thing…what do they put in the water down there?