Scooter Overpopulation

Scooter Overpopulation


Help is needed.

In major cities across our great land, a rapidly-growing dilemma has evolved.

Amidst rampant problems of homelessness, drug addiction, crumbling infrastructure, pollution and a multitude of social issues, cities are facing yet another sobering debate rearing its ugly head…..scooter overpopulation.


In large numbers they congregate.


What began as a simple, ingenious idea of providing lazy millennials a cheap and irresponsible way to travel from one Dave & Buster’s to another has grown out of control.

An influx of scooters has exceeded demand.

Often you can find two, three, even four scooters waiting, hoping for a rider.


“You ride me long time.”



Many scooters are forced to offer their wares from street corners like some sort of a transportation hooker. 




“Ride me, please!”



Other still resort to begging for a rider to insert his or her debit card.



Lost hope.



Even more empty  scooters simply give up.

Losing their will to take someone to Starbucks for a double-shot caramel Frappuccino.



It doesn’t have to be this way.


Please help.

When you see an empty scooter in your town, dig deep, be generous, reckless and climb aboard.

It doesn’t matter if you have never ridden before–neither did the last guy on his way to hookah karaoke.

Better yet have that scooter spayed or neutered to help control the problem.

Together we can put an end to scooter overpopulation.

Thank you.