Just Zip It

Just Zip It


Easy as pie.

Just zip the bag closed.

Hmm, easier said than done, right?

Whether you have MS fumble-fingers or the dexterity of a Vegas blackjack dealer, the recloseable Ziploc bag has frustrated many.

In fact, Borge Madsen, the Danish inventor who first dabbled with plastic zippers back in 1951, is STILL trying to close one of his early designs.

What’s so frustrating is how easy, how simple, how deliciously delicate a bag can be zipped closed one time…yet moments later, sealing the same bag can be like trying to cram a wolverine in a ruck-sack.


I use several techniques in my attempts to close a Ziploc bag.



The first is to “zip” the bag closed as Mr. Madsen intended way back when.

Problem is if the two edges aren’t in a perfect, parallel, harmonious position, you end up “zipping” the bag over & over to no effect.  Faster you “zip” until your finger friction becomes a fire safety hazard. 

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the California wildfires where started NOT by lightning, but someone trying to close a bag of Twizzlers.



Pinch by pinch.


Next, if zipping doesn’t work I try to “pinch” the bag closed…”pinching” the two sides together in hopes they live together like Felix & Oscar.

If you go with the pinch method, I recommend pinching every inch or so till the bag is sealed…all the while keeping it under your arm squeezing out the excess air as if you are playing the bagpipes.



Not suitable for small children.


Bag still not sealed?

That’s when I use the third method…I cuss.

With my tired, crampy hands I have someone else close the bag for me, or I put the whole damn thing in an even bigger Ziploc bag that I can close.

Life is convenient that way.  Thanks to Borge Madsen.



5 Replies to “Just Zip It”

  1. On point, oddsock! One of the many “closing things” that are so frustrating! When all my attempts fail, I cry and/or cuss and let someone else close it. I got frustrated just reading this blog 😂

  2. Joanne,
    You are not alone getting frustrated reading My Odd Sock. I get frustrated writing this dribble.

  3. There is no way I can open a Ziploc bag. So my sister either transfers or stores food items in a single serving ziplock bag that has that plastic tab on the end that slides. However, even opening those bags can qualify me for a contestant on America’s Got Talent.

    1. Margaret,
      Good idea with the bag transfer—very funny line about America’s Got Talent!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Always appreciate them!

  4. Thank you, Doug! Indeed, this frustrates the hell out of us too. So glad/sad to hear we’re not the only ones that battle the zip-lock bags. Most times, we just resort to chip clips. Challenge then becomes getting the food eaten before it gets stale or freezer burned. it’s not to late to zip it. Zip it good!