MS Mug Shots

MS Mug Shots


Where did I get that?

Personalized coffee mugs are everywhere.

Who doesn’t have a coffee mug shoved in the back of the cabinet emblazoned with some photo, witty quote or the logo of a company that closed in 1979.

I have a dozen and I don’t even drink coffee!

That being said, multiple sclerosis needs a mug or two or twelve of its very own.  Therefore, My Odd Sock has come up with a few not-so-witty coffee mugs to celebrate our lives with the dreaded ick we call MS.



Exactly right.





True dat!




If my droopy eyes could talk.




Got a napkin?




















That’s the truth.





U sure?





Flu-like, my ass!





If you say so.





Lips are numb.





Forgetful are we?












And finally…

I need a loan.





Drink up and share a few ideas of your own with a comment.

There’s plenty of room for more mugs in the cabinet.


The End.






4 Replies to “MS Mug Shots”

  1. You know this is the one I will be using , “Do I look Fat in this Wheelchair?”
    Off Topic
    This is the one Judge Judy will be using. It’s my favorite quote of hers, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”.

    1. Margaret,
      “Wheelchair” is an oldie, but a goodie!
      Judge Judy has a new doo. Channeling her best RBG look.
      Thanks for your comment!