Twenty Things I Have Learned Having MS

Twenty Things I Have Learned Having MS

How many can you relate with?  Please enjoy this re-run of an old My Odd Sock…..





It’s true.  My Odd Sock has been away for quite a while.  (Just long enough for the nightmares to subside, right?)


But my time away hasn’t all been wasted.  (Most of it yes, but not all.)


Since I have had multiple sclerosis pert near 18 years now, I thought it may be time to share some of my worldly MS knowledge to those who are far less experienced with this chronic disease.


That being said, here are “Twenty Things I Have Learned Having MS.”


Solumedrol’s metallic taste in your mouth is way better than my cooking.


If you can get up in the morning, the rest of the day is icing on the cake.



#$%&@!!!  C'mon fingers!!



A button will need fastened when your fingers are at their clumsiest.



Always make sure the bottom of your cane/crutches are dry.


You’ve had MS a long time when pulling up your pants is a challenge.


The more you give (donations), the more they seem to ask (donations).


Strangers are more than willing to help…by holding doors & helping with a wheelchair.  (Hey, my wallet’s missing!)


The handicap curb cut-in always seems to be at the other end.


If only Lazy Boy made shower chairs that reclined.



Reading this crud will certainly put you to sleep!



If you are reading this at 4am, you probably have MS.


The minute you get comfortable is when you have to pee.


Balancing my round ass on a round stability ball is near impossible.



There is always room for one more used syringe in a full Sharp’s container.


A majority of those with MS will have cognitive issues, but I can’t remember what percentage.


Spasticity strikes more than opportunity.




Rollators, scooters and wheelchairs do not need routine tire rotations.


The handicap stall is considered to be the “Presidential Suite” of public bathrooms.


When giving yourself a shot, you feel an odd connection to that of a junkie.


Never fart inside an MRI.


And lastly…


The shoe on your foot-drop side always looks worse than the other.



There you have it.  Feel free to add your own insights to the list.

Hopefully, by sharing our valued experience, we can make our lives with MS a little better.







3 Replies to “Twenty Things I Have Learned Having MS”

  1. Love it my odd sock, love it!! Especially the Sharp’s container and having to pee as soon as you get comfortable, especially at night!

  2. The usual items you buy at the store, are ALWAYS on the top shelf.

    Always have to check the weekly weather forecast, to try to schedule appointments outside the home, when there is no chance of rain.

    This may only apply to me…..If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.