As one with multiple sclerosis, you are well aware of all the crazy, wacky “cures” touted by a countless number of shucksters on the Internet.

Cranberry, Ginko, Turmeric, Vitamin D, Diets, Bee stings, CCSVI and the list goes on & on.

I’m not one to discredit a treatment option as it may just work for you–but not all.

Believe me, I’ve tried my share too as I grasp & claw for anything to stop the downward slope of progression.  And I figure a “natural” treatment has to be better for the body than any Biogen lab-produced, chemically-inspired, mish-mash  of compounds I can’t spell or pronounce.

Which leads me to my latest jump into the unknown…..


Oh here we go.
Oh here we go.


Stuck in a traffic jam on a recent trip to Bermuda, my family & I were “trapped” in a taxi driven by Herbert, the self-described “richest Black man in Bermuda.”

Herbert said he was in his 80’s, a graduate of Howard University and married for over 60 years.


Over the course of our 1 1/2 hour journey, Herbert lectured nonstop on politics, marriage, business, medicine & everything in between.


He said to me…”Daddy, you need to drink Aloe Vera gel.  You lose those canes.  You will be running all over the house!”


Glug Glug.
Glug Glug.



Adding that he was also a Herbalife distributor, Herbert handed me a free bottle of Aloe Vera gel.

“Daddy, you take and be walking.  Chasing Momma” he said.  (Hey now!)


I figured who was I to debate the richest Black man in Bermuda.  Besides, he held our life in his driving hands.


So when I returned home, it was time to give Aloe Vera gel a try!



Absolutely putrid looking.
Absolutely putrid looking.


I opened the bottle and filled a shot glass.

(What better way to measure, right?)  (Scientific too)

The lumpy, gelatinous goo resembled agar in a petri-dish before it gels.

A shot glass of K-Y jelly.

Aloe Vera gel is NOT appealing to the eye.


Well time was a wasting so with that, I poured the slimy gruel down my neck….


Like Mom's cookin'
Like Mom’s cookin’



…And as soon as it went it—it almost came back up in one wretching motion.

Safe to say, Aloe Vera gel is not appealing to the gullet either!


It was going to be a torturous 32 ounces of goo-juice unless I figured another way.



Mmm, lumpy juice!
Mmm, lumpy juice!


The next morning & every morning since then, I have been mixing the gel with a small amount of juice making the entire process way more tolerable.


From what I have read, Aloe Vera is known primarily as a natural treatment for burns.  But it has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties as well.

Aloe Vera can also act as a natural & subtle laxative.

Lord knows, I need help there as MS gives me fits of constipation now & then.  

Note:  For making boom-booms, Aloe Vera has helped.  (Worthy of a smiley face emoji)


It is too soon to call for any other benefit, so I’ll keep swilling till the bottle is gone.

If you have ever tried Aloe Vera, I would love to hear what yo have found.

Yep, it’s the crazy things we do to slay the MS monster.

Keep moving my friend.








2 Replies to “GooGooGagGag”

  1. Good to know you did not pay for that gook. I am all for trying anything that would slow down my MS progression, but I would have to pass on drinking Aloe Vera. Just reading this is making me gag. The subject matter, not the words. 🙂 Keep us updated. When you tell us you’re running the Boston Marathon, maybe then I will give it a try. To me it would be the same as drinking a bottle of suntan lotion.

  2. Margaret,
    Believe me, suntan lotion tastes better. Mmm coco-nut.
    Thanks for reading!