Cocktail Anyone?

Cocktail Anyone?


Watered-down filth.
Watered-down filth.


Some days you just need to unwind.


#1-   You look tired.  You OK?

#2-   It’s been a rough week.  Work is crazy.  Car broke down.  Family stuff.

#1-   Oh I know.  It all piles up.

#2-   Sure does.  I could use a stiff drink.

#1-   Me too.  I say we head to that new place that just popped up.


And I know the perfect place…..



Got my ID & a ruler.
Got my ID & a ruler.



Yep, it’s the Boner Bar.  Bermuda’s newest nite spot.

Erected early March of this year.

The Boner Bar might look small, but with all the attention it is attracting, I’m sure it will grow.

The owner is a lawyer.  Well-versed in penal code.


Boner Bar staff goes to great lengths for you to enjoy your visit!

Tips are accepted AND admired so please don’t stiff your waiter.

The Boner Bar has a rigid 2 drink/3 inch minimum policy.

Quiet now, but on Fridays & Saturdays, this place is hard to get in.


Quite a drink special!
Quite a drink special!


Boner Bar serves frozen boners, perfect for those hot nights.

A frozen boner is poured in a smaller glass due to shrinkage.

But by far, the most popular cocktail at the Boner Bar is the Harvey Wallbanger.

Lastly, no worries about visits to the rest room as the head is the first thing you’ll see at the Boner Bar.



P.S.  Thank you for putting up with my sophomore humor!





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