The MS Guide To The Movies

The MS Guide To The Movies

Hope you enjoy the 2nd run of this old My Odd Sock…stale popcorn & all…… 



hollywoodMy Odd Sock and multiple sclerosis go Hollywood!

Many titles of feature films can be related to MS in some way, shape or form.  My Odd Sock thought it might be fun to draw some red-carpet comparisons to show you how!



Check out these flicks & what they mean in the world of MS…..



The Color Purple   (The color of the bruise on your hip from falling.)

A Bridge Too Far   (Heck, when I’m walking everything is too far!)

The Way We Were

Saturday Night Fever   (Describes flu-like symptoms from Avonex shot.)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When It Rains   (MSer’s really get wet!)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind   (Trying to get through a crowd with a rollator.)

The Right Stuff   (Acting like an astronaut inside an MRI tube.)


Easy Rider




Easy Rider   (Being pushed in a wheelchair!)



Poseidon Adventure   (Describes my bladder control issues.)

I, Robot   (Walking like 3CPO)

Footloose   (Foot drop folks can relate!)

Stranger Than Fiction   (The fluttery MS feelings running down your leg)

Seven Times A Day   (Duh!  Describes my urges to pee!)

Slumdog Millionaire   (Those of us on S.S. disability)

The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland  (My Odd Sock on a bad day)

White Men Can’t Jump   (Especially when we have MS!)

The Money Pit   (Cost of your MS medication)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang   (My stomach after eating Mexican)


Invasion of Body Snatchers




Invasion of The Body Snatchers   (Yeah, what the hell happened to my body?)




The Great Escape   (Trying to get a scooter thru the checkout lane at the grocery)

On Golden Pond   (Having a potty accident while sitting in a wheelchair)

In God’s Hands   (Isn’t everything?)

The Longest Yard and Walking Tall   (A gaited double-feature!)

Finding Neverland   (Buttoning a shirt with fumble-fingers)

Zoolander   (Any meeting of an MS support group!)

Dumb and Dumber   (About an MSer who attempts to do thing he/she shouldn’t—and then tries to do it AGAIN)


Demolition Man




Demolition Man   (Guy with MS emptying a dishwasher)





The Full Monty   (Trying to keep your balance while pulling up your pants inside a public bathroom stall)

Fahrenheight 451   (The damn temperature inside the doctor’s waiting room!)

Real Genius   (The lazy shopper who leaves his cart in the disabled parking space)


And finally, one last movie…

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest   (Any visit to your local Social Security Office)



We hope you have enjoyed this look at Hollywood’s salute to MS.

If you can think of any movie that relates to your MS experience, please share as we would love to hear it.

See you in the theater!  (I’ll be the one kicking the back of your seat)





5 Replies to “The MS Guide To The Movies”

  1. “Clueless”……..How I sometimes feel when I leave the Dr. office

    “The Exorcist”……who I want to rid me of my MS

  2. Margaret,

    Great additions to the MS movie list!

    “Clueless” has had me chuckling all day long!

    -The Roger Ebert of Nonsense

  3. “Defending Your Life” (Albert Brooks)

    I just love this movie, period. He dies and goes to Judgment City, where he is put on trial to prove whether he had been brave enough in life to conquer his insecurities and can therefore get promoted to oblivion–or whether his fears are unresolved and therefore must “re-up” and go back to earth.

    Relate this to MS? Okay…did I do everything I could to live life fully?