My Odd Sock’s 500th

My Odd Sock’s 500th


You sure of a msicount?
You sure of a msicount?

Hard to believe it has been seven years since My Odd Sock germinated from a brain fart of an idea…to the vast waste of Internet bit space it has become today.

This is My Odd Sock’s 500th post…and still not one tidbit of useful information.  (Would you expect any more?)

My Odd Sock began as a bucket list dream of owning a humor website.  A place to publish my stupid jokes & lame writings.

As an unemployed advertising copywriter, My Odd Sock would serve as a place for this writer to keep the edge honed on a razor-sharp wit.  (Having a “razor-sharp wit” was another dream!)  Years later I’m still an unemployed copywriter–just gimpy disabled as well.


Sweet words.
Sweet words.



Writing funny about multiple sclerosis was just another way to stand out.


(Like those of us with MS need another way to stand out from the crowd.  Geez.)





Thanks teach
Thanks teach



Many believe writing humor about MS is plain wrong.

But as my blogging friend, Yvonne DeSousa ( agrees, we write humor as a way to deal with our own MS diagnosis’.

Take that skeptics!




Man of technology!
Man of technology!


Because I am old-school, I write every single post–every single joke in longhand before typing into a computer.


Here is a picture of the archive of volumes of my work.


Great fire-starter material don’t you think?



Another jokster piling on.
Another jokster piling on.



Through the years, My Odd Sock has been put through a wringer!  Melted.  Burned.  Bloodied.  Bruised.  Shot from a cannon.  Run over.  Trampled.  Scorched.


Yet, being a tough SOB, My Odd Sock continues to pull itself up for another go.



Humor me silly, Dave.
Humor me silly, Dave.



Honestly, I was worried about whether there would be enough material to write 25 posts, let alone 500!


But the creative faucet continues to drip (along with my allergies) and for that I am thankful.






My Odd Sock loves comments.  Both good & bad.

And over the years, we have collected 2,042 comments.

Most are worthy to post.  Some not so much.

Here are some of the never before seen weirder comments…..


“I don’t care about this.”



“I consider that you are not right.”

-Cecil Morar


“I hate the way crack smoke smells.”

-Hubert Belker


“Just how much time do you waste on this blog of yours?”

-Almed Wolzen


“How can you believe anything this guy says.”

-Lerae Berning


“I have read some real rubbish today.”

-We Decide Every Morning


“This crap is beyond stupid.”

-Gold Price


“I want to give you a huge thumbs up for the info on this post.”

-Penis Advantage Guide


“I think your site is gay.”



“You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web.  I wouldn’t vote for you, but hey, someone might.”

-Computer Repair West


“You truly suck even a monkey does it far better.”

-Earlean Velunza


“That is the dumbest thing I’ve read today.  Congrats, you putz.”

-Lizeth Menefield


Ah fans, you gotta love them!


Special thanks

Special thanks goes first & foremost to Paul Eckinger of  Paul does all the heavy lifting of site construction as well as hosting this rag on his burdened servers.  So thankful, Paulie!

Many thanks to my favorite commenters…Margaret & Joanne.

Thanks to Danica Patrick & Go Daddy for the domain name.

Thanks to many special blogger friends…Dan & Jennifer Digmann (, Yvonne DeSousa (,  Darryl Partridge (, Dave Bexfield (, Dave Jaffe ( and Kerri (

Kuddos to “Speckled Brain” for keeping my head on straight.

Also a tip of the hat to MS Focus, NMSS Momentum magazine, MS Connection & Guyla Wehman of the Ohio Buckeye Chapter.  Dawn Mitchell Wiley & Mike Clemons of the MS Musketeers, Tracy Rosecrans at  Plus as I have the vocabulary of a doormat.


To the next 500?  Gawd, let’s hope not!  Thank you for reading My Odd Sock and stumbling over my poor sentence structure.












11 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s 500th”

  1. Dave,
    Trying to clean it up but it goes against every fiber of my being.
    Thanks for your concern & congrat.

  2. Doug you are too much. Your writing is so good and you say what so many of us can’t. You deal with ms with humor, God knows we ms’ ers need that so badly. I can’t just crawl into a ball and hide, so we must, and we do go on! Thanks Doug, have a great day!


  3. Joanne,
    Thank you so much for your readership & comments.
    Much appreciated!

  4. Thanks for the kudos…but we’re all just nuts and find some common ground in this oddsock…(probably smells too haha)!

    Here’s to another 1000 smelly socks. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your 500th post and thanks for the shout out!Contrary to your belief, I did learn something from reading your blog. I learned a helpful way to peal a banana.:)Looking forward to reading your next 500!!

  6. Margaret,
    Oh how I love your low expectations. Thanks for reading & your comments!

    1,000? Phew, I’m hoping someone takes over this sinking ship!

  7. 500 posts? I don’t even want to do something I LIKE 500 times!But congratulations. You keep writing ’em, Doug, and we’ll keep deleting ’em.

  8. Dave,
    Thanks for your comment AND for contributing to this faltering site.
    Let me say if you want a clever laugh, please visit Dave’s blog at
    Go there now before the authorities shut it down!

  9. Kim,
    Thank you for your kind words. Your very smart suggestion of making a smaller goal of 600 is encouraging, but I am struggling to make it to post #501.
    Keep moving!