Fifth-Grade Frolic

Fifth-Grade Frolic



Oh no, memory lane time.
Oh no, memory lane time.



The treasures one finds and the memories dredged up when digging through boxes.

A recent excavation uncovered my school yearbook & grade card from the fifth-grade.


Join me as we go back in time, won’t you…..



A school or a factory?
A school or a factory?


Ah, Centennial Elementary, where I was basically a warm ass in a wood seat for four years.  (3rd thru 6th grade)


As students we thought Centennial was better served as a miminum-security prison.

But today, as an alumus, I realize it was a pretty good place to hang & learn.





That’s me next to the teacher, Mrs. Nagel.

(I learned to brown-nose at a young age)

She was one of my favorite teachers.

The kid next to me was Neil Armstrong.

He was not related to the astronaut.




What a nerd.
What a nerd.


My athletic prowess was honed to a fine edge while at Centennial.

Here I am getting whipped at tetherball by a girl.  Notice she is in short-sleeves while I am wearing a jacket & stocking cap.  I was grunge before grunge was cool.

My vertical leap was measured in centimeters.

I have the same body-posture & facial expression when I have to pee.



Quite the learner.
Quite the learner.


So much for athletics, let’s head back into the classroom.

Here are my grades for the year in reading.

Wow, really setting a high standard here.

Poised to be an Ivy leaguer…..poison ivy.

How does one get “C’s” in reading?  I like to read.  Think I’ll ask for a do-over!



Oh, thank you Ronald!
Oh, thank you Ronald!


All of that lack-luster work in the classroom earned me the distinction as a McDonal’s Scholar.  (Sad, right?)

The only qualification to be a McDonald’s Scholar was the ability to eat a Quarter-Pounder.


Mind you…the company spokesman is a clown—how difficult can it be as a McDonald’s Scholar!



Thank you Mrs. Nagel.
Thank you Mrs. Nagel.


Here is a comment from Mrs. Nagel.

The poor lady had terrible dementia.

She was probably referring to Neil Armstrong.




That's me!
That’s me!



Finally, here is a comment from a fellow student.

Prety much sums up my contribution & success as a fifth-grader.


(And yes, I was “promoted” to 6th grade!)


Memories.  Share yours in a comment.






3 Replies to “Fifth-Grade Frolic”

  1. Mrs. Nagal looks exactly like my sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Resnick, and my wife’s sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Frosch. It’s like there was a Clone Trooper army of sixth-grade teachers back then, all wearing practical beehives and equipped with blaster rifles.

  2. My fifth grade teacher was Mrs. Breslin, Hendricks Avenue Elementary. The only thing I remember about fifth grade, is that was the year my grandmother passed away, and I remember one of my Mother’s friends, Mrs. Safer, coming and getting my sister and I out of school early that day. I too still have all my elementary school report cards in a box. I actually rode past my old elementary school last Wednesday, it is on the way to my Neurologist.

  3. Dave & Margaret,

    Yes siree…Mrs Nagel, Mrs Resnick & Mrs Breslin were all from the same teacher mold.

    Bless them all for putting up with our shenanigans.
    Thanks for your comments!