MS Memorial

MS Memorial

A post of rememberance.
A post of remembrance.

Next Monday is Memorial Day, a time to honor & remember those who served and gave their lives for our freedom.

Memorial Day means a lot to me–and I get quite emotional at observances. I think of the great-uncle I never knew who died on D-Day at Normandy…a cousin I barely knew who was killed in Vietnam…to my dad who was missing in action for several days after jumping off a cliff to avoid capture in Korea.

At Memorial Day I also think about years gone by, people past & present and where the heck time has gone.  How multiple sclerosis has affected my life is lumped in all that thinking as well.

That being said, My Odd Sock would like to offer this MS themed holiday remembrance called…”MS Memorial.”


Here we go...
Here we go…


Before MS, I remember running for miles—and enjoying it!


Before MS, I remember when I could pass a bathroon door without the urge to enter.


Reliving the day of having a conversation without yawning.


Remembering when air conditioning was a perk not a necessity.


Memorializing the day I could button a dress shirt.


Got that right.
Got that right.


Looking back to when I was walking without holding, touching or leaning on something.


When I could ride a bike.


When I shivered from the cold and not from muscle spasms.


Before MS, I remember when I could tell I was bleeding.


Or how I got that bruise.


Reliving going to a movie without falling asleep.


Patriotic camo!
Patriotic camo!


I remember wearing a vest for fashion instead of temperature control.


Looking back at days of driving a stick-shift.


Or driving ANY vehicle with my feet.


Remembering when I stood to pee.


Reliving the days of walking without worry of ground surface, slope, what shoes, temperature, sun exposure, accessibility & bathroom proximity.


The bald My Odd Sock
The bald My Odd Sock

I remember using a napkin and not a bib.


When I could cook without sitting.


Memorializing when my writing was legible.


And finally, remembering when I could remember.


MS or not, have a tremendous Memorial Day everyone.


3 Replies to “MS Memorial”

  1. Another good one and a good list. The AC thing really stuck out for me. My first “real” summer job was working at a candy store where they made their own fudge and taffy. Not only was there no AC in the height of August but the ovens where they made the fudge heated the whole store to unbearable degrees. I collapse now just thinking about it! Yet, I held that job for several years during my teens. Go figure! Ah, the sweet joy of healthy teenage flexibility!

  2. Joanne,
    Thank you, dear.

    Yikes! That does sound horrible! The jobs we had in our younger days. Couldn’t do it now…no way.