Use Your Tools

Use Your Tools


This is no DIY project.
This is no DIY project.


As one with multiple sclerosis, walking, yeah simple walking, can be a misadventure of mobility.  (Tell me something I don’t know!)

But trying to carry something while walking can be a downright catastrophe!

Especially if you are like me and use a mobility aid like canes, crutches, rollator, wheelchair, scooter…or a combo of all the above!

When the hands are busy helping you stay upright and you find the need for an extra one to hold keys, a purse, a book–whatever, it’s time to dig deep and use all the tools at your disposal.


Here are a few of my favorite ways to make things easier when MS has your hands full…..




I love pockets.  Shirt pockets.  Pants pockets.  Pockets in my coat.  I can put my stuff in a pocket.

I am a fashion plate, yes.
I am a fashion plate, yes.

The greatest fashion trend ever for the MSer is/was cargo pants/shorts.

The more friggin pockets–the merrier.

My cargo shorts have more pockets than I have junk to put in them!

The problem with cargo clothing & having MS is that I cannot remember what I put where.  That’s why (as you can see from the picture) I try to reserve a specific pocket for each item.  Everytime.

Sure it may seem OCD/anal, but you gotta do what you gotta do.




That crinkle you hear as I walk isn’t my underwear—it’s a plastic shopping bag I carry.  Because you never know when you might need a bag to carry something.

Ugg, nothing but bills.
Ugg, nothing but bills.



Plastic bags are extra handy when you get the mail.  Putting the mail in a bag to carry eliminates any chance of dropping the electric bill in the driveway.


They are great too for the unexpected delivery of catalogs, mail-order drugs and other odd-shaped postage.


Just what I was waiting for.
Just what I was waiting for.




Oh for cryin out loud, that’s all I need—another big flippin blue coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond.

They send so many, I use them to shingle the roof of my shed.

Just how many vanilla candles does one need?





Dude, at least shave.
Dude, at least shave.


Yes, your mouth—the perfect grabber!

Think of it, a commercial comes on—you want a quick snack but you don’t want to miss the show.

Just shove something in your piehole and scurry back to your seat before the break is over.

When you use canes or crutches, the mouth is a natural extra hand.

(Helps too having an enormous mouth to hold a sandwich!)





Who's ready for a cold one?
Who’s ready for a cold one?


Of course the basket beneath a rollator (even the seat) is a great place to put your stuff on the go.


As you can see from the photo, the rollator basket makes a super place to chill my beverages.




So use your tools.  Use’em all.

As an MSer, you’re a crafty sort and probably have a few tricks of your own to help carry things when an extra hand is needed.

Let us know your secret.

Together we’ll get by just fine.











2 Replies to “Use Your Tools”

  1. Yup, I have used all of the above. The only other thing I have, that you didn’t mention, is a “fanny pack”. I know they are old school, but they carry everything I need, “hands free”.

  2. Margaret,
    The fanny pack is an excellent option. I loved wearing mine till being shamed by my family for being “tacky”. It saved me during hot days at Disney World. I would put a frozen bottle of water in it and kept my lower back nice & cool.

    Next, they’ll say my hat with sippy tubes, holding two beverages is “tacky!”