What’s For Sale

What’s For Sale


Another cheesy title pic
Another cheesy title pic


“That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!” is Kenny Bania’s famous line from a classic episode of Seinfeld.

Through the years, My Odd Sock has struck gold in goofy ads from the classified section of the local paper.

The following gem was given to me by a dear friend who knows my fondness for the stupidly ridiculous.





Print media at its best.
Print media at its best.


Anyone need a Jeer Wrangler?

Definition of a “jeer” is a “rude and mocking remark.”


So here are a few…..

-Your spelling sucks!

-The paper’s editor flunked out of colledge.

-Spellcheck threw itself off the tallest monitor.



Or maybe the person is selling his girlfriend.

I mean, according to the ad, she IS a “New Wench” with a “Good Body.”

Not to mention she comes with over “$4,000 of parts & accessories.”

The owner is willing to trade it all for a truck…preferably a Forb or a Chezy, I suppose.


To sum up, I’m not really sure what the hell this person is selling, but it’s obvious they’re using the dictionary to prop up the broken end of the couch.


If you have any ideas or are interested in the number, give me a comment & I’ll share the details.

Otherwise, thanks for reading and happy shopping!






2 Replies to “What’s For Sale”

  1. After reading this, I looked down at the keyboard, and the “R” key is nowhere near the “P” key. If in fact he is selling his girlfriend, she apparently comes with a closet full of shoes, and has had plastic surgery. 🙂

  2. Margaret,
    Great minds think alike. I also took a peek at the keyboard and thought the very same thing!
    I have no idea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!