Quiz time kids!
Quiz time kids!



Time for a little multiple sclerosis fun (Duh, when isn’t MS fun?).

In this mindless post (Duh, aren’t they ALL mindless?), you’ll be given a picture and three possible captions.

Your job is to pick the caption that best describes the picture.

Sound fun?

So easy, let’s begin…..




There there.
There there.


What is being said…

A)-  You’ll make it through this.

B)-  You did your best.

C)-  How many times are they gonna show that damn commercial for Tecfidera?





Sing along...
Sing along…




This image shows…..

A)-  facilities for all

B)-  accomodations for all family needs

C)-  how The Brady Bunch has really changed






No cutting!
No cutting!



This crowd is…..

A)-  watching a concert

B)-  attending a rally

C)-  waiting to use the only handicap-accessible stall





So pretty.
So pretty.


This chart shows…..

A)-  an assortment of shapes

B)-  a coloful kid’s toy

C)-  the # of opinions you hear on how to “cure” MS





What the?
What the?


This illustration represents…

A)-  the human digestive system

B)-  how the large & small intestine work together

C)-  a funnel cake from the county fair






Smile & say cheese
Smile & say cheese


This image…

A)-  shows MRI results

B)-  helps doctors determine MS activity

C)-  proof brains do exist in the Kardashians








The pie-chart diagrams…

A)-  the different types of MS

B)-  classification of MS diagnosis

C)-  The portion size of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  (See below)


That's more like it!
That’s more like it!












4 Replies to “Pick-A-Caption”

  1. Personally, I wish they would take that damn commercial for Tecfidera off the air!! Do you really think that person portrayed in the commercial really has MS? When the commercial first aired, so many of my friends were calling me asking ” Did you see that commercial for that new MS drug?” I’m so glad to know that picture #1 and I feel the same way. Also…..does it look like in picture #1, that the lady on the left, is taking a picture of the lady on the right crying, or is the lady on the right crying, because her boyfriend just broke up with her via text? 🙂

  2. Margaret,
    Take it easy, girl. Settle down!
    (If you read the fine print disclaimer on the commercial, it says the actor does not have MS.)

    Always glad for your comment. Thanks!

  3. I too, am sick to death of the TEcfidera commercial. I took it and it made me worse. Each of us is different and react differently esp. to medications. I think most people jump on the bandwagon about most things. I can say that most times its for not.Have a great day and keep our brave faces on!

  4. Joanne,
    It’s a majority, I suppose. Oh well what ya gonna do.
    Thanks for your comment.