MS Bingo

MS Bingo


Let's play!
Let’s play!


If you are reading this, two things are certain:

1)-  You have multiple sclerosis (Or some related chronic ick.)


2)-  You LOVE playing Bingo.


That’s why My Odd Sock has combined the two to present “MS Bingo!!!”


Below are several specially-created, MS-inspired Bingo cards to get us started…..


Card #1


Play me!
Play me!
























Card #2


No, choose me!
No, choose me!
























Card #3


I'm a winner!
I’m a winner!
























Now we just need a caller, a smokey hall & some folding chairs!

Good luck!






5 Replies to “MS Bingo”

  1. Joanne,
    Yes, you ARE a winner! But you forgot to shout “BINGO!!!”
    Thanks for your comment!