Things I Don’t Understand

Things I Don’t Understand


Thought long & hard have you?
Thought long & hard have you?




There are many things I don’t understand in life.


Here is an abbreviated list of just some of them…..






Nicki Minaj






Lord of the Rings


The Kardashians


It matches your console TV.
It matches your console TV.

Oil Prices


The game of Cricket


Sophia Vegara’s voice


Debates that aren’t really debates


Adam Sandler movies


Ordering coffee 




Math wiz he's not.
Math wiz he’s not.

Eye boogers


Shave clubs


the Goth look


Why MRI’s are so loud




Dow Jones


Middle East politics


Wearing pants hanging so low




Bill O’Reilly books


New Yorker magazine


Or this one.  Or this one.
Or this one. Or this one.

Hog futures




Ellen DeGeneres’ dancing


Sushi  (I eat it, but I don’t know why)


Laser hair removal


Reverse Mortgages


Cost of greeting cards








The Matrix movies


Anything you don’t understand?

Tell me about it in a comment and maybe someone can explain it to the both of us.

Happy weekend ya’ll!








4 Replies to “Things I Don’t Understand”

  1. Things I don’t understand……..gigabytes – light years – global warming – Donald Trump……FYI….I still have a VCR……you never know when you want to watch a VHS tape……yeh, I still have those too 🙂

  2. What reason would any one carry guns ( like that’s not a reason to be scared, esp in a person w/ ms shaky hands)
    Why is there weatherman, they are right only about 1 percent of the time
    why do young people have to “chill” or “decompress” when all they do is go to school or work part time and they are always exhausted? That one just pisses me off!
    Why do professional athletes get paid so much money ? No, no reason
    I could go on forever but just like having ms, there is no good or right answer!

  3. Joanne & Margaret,

    Very good additions! I can’t explain ANY of them as well.
    Thank you for your comments!