MS Texting Shortcuts

MS Texting Shortcuts



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Today, texting has become a popular vehicle of communication.

People of all ages use texting, rather than calling, as their preferred choice of sharing information.


Texting has spawned a whole new, Internet language of word & phrase shorthand to aid in rapid conversation.


Not to be left out, those of us with multiple sclerosis, can enjoy our own special Internet language.


With that, My Odd Sock proudly presents….




HH-     Heat & Humidity

NE-     No Energy

WL-     Weak Legs

ILAC-     I Love Air Conditioning



SH-     Shopping

GC-     Grocery

SOS-     Scooter Stuck Between Registers.  Send Help!



IVS-     IV Steroids

SOL-     Solumedrol

UCK-     Mouth Tastes Like Metal



AFO-     Ankle Foot Orthoses

FR-     Foot Roll

PF-     Plantar Flexion

DAMMIT-     Can’t Fit AFO Into MY Dress Shoes!



C-     Copaxone

A-     Avonex

R-     Rebif

SN-     Shot Night

AATB?-     Arm?  Ass?  Thigh?  Belly?



FD-     Foot Drop

SH#T!-     Foot Drop Caused Me To Step In Dog Poop



MA-     Mobility Aids

CN-     Cane

CR-     Crutches

RL-     Rollator

WC-     Wheel Chair

PS-     Power Scooter

HUIKLLJHVBGHTF-     Got Every Friggin Mobility Device Known To Man

SERHFTUKLIKBVK-     Toddler Playing With Cell Phone

DDDDDOOOIINNG-     Texting While Wheelchair Pushed Across Bumpy Yard



BC-     Bladder Control

GGRN-     Gotta Go Right Now

MFRR-     Must Find Rest Room

TL-     Too Late



AIF-     Any I Forgot?

PLAC-     Please Leave A Comment

ASAP-     As Soon As Possible

TE-     The End




7 Replies to “MS Texting Shortcuts”

  1. I think e-mail is bad enough. I don’t know how to text on my phone, I don’t want to learn. I am not going to learn how to text. Texting is just a way to avoid learning how to spell. Would you like to know how I really feel about this?

  2. SOSDDoD – Same Ol’ Sh*7 Different Day only Different
    The oD is obviously an MS thing… It sure seems like every day is different, but it’s a reminder to those we’re talking to when they ask how the MS is that it’s really the same and how about asking how I am.

    And txt has become huge with the kids, but it does sometimes come in handy when you have to yell at them in front of their friends that are reading over their shoulders.