20. February 2017


In The Lobby


You’ve had a rough go of it lately.

The weather hasn’t been cooperative.  Neither has your body.

Your spirits seem as low as your energy level.

You try to shake it.  Change your routine.  Mix it up a little bit.

But whatever it is….it hangs on draped like a wet coat.

It is frustrating.  Confusing.  And not you what-so-ever.

Your chin rests on your chest because it is too tiresome to hold your head up.


It feels good here.

It feels good here.


Then, one day, you discover a glimmer of promise.

A small morsel of comfort knowing you are not alone.


Who knew outside of those automatic doors we could be so different—but inside, we are so much the same!


Of course I’m referring to the lobby of your neurologist, your CNP or where ever you go to fight your MS.

In the lobby, we are all one.

We share similar stories, treatments, experiences.  Yet we have one common goal.

In the lobby, we tell of heartbreak and hope…often without saying a single word.  Just a simple nod can be the nudge of acknowledgement that speaks volumes.

In the lobby, we make no notice of ticks, tremors or how you got that scrape on your forehead.

And you don’t need to explain–we know.

So next time you find yourself in the lobby, put down that dog-eared magazine you’ve read before and look around.  Make eye contact.  Say hello.

As your support may be just what someone needs to brighter possibilities.


          *          *          *          *          *          *


On a lighter side, here’s a parody verse to the Village People’s song “In The Navy”…


Sing it loud!

Sing it loud!

In the lobby

you’ll see MS of all degrees.

In the lobby

you can put your mind at ease.

In the lobby

we’re all in the same boat.

In the lobby

we’re known as slo-pokes.

In the lobby, in the lobby.




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8. February 2017


Candy Hearts

Enjoy this sweet treat of a past My Odd Sock…..

Valentine Candy HeartsEveryone adores the little candy hearts so popular this time of year.

In fact, Neeco, the world’s renowned Sweetheart manufacturer, has been making them & sharing love since 1902!

The touching phrases found on each heart have changed over the years, but they have never fully embraced the culture of the MS community.

With that in mind (or half-wit in my case), My Odd Sock has created candy hearts, sweet only to us with multiple sclerosis.


Red #1 Pink #2

Green #3Blue #4

Red #5Pink #6

Green #7 Blue #8

Red #9 Pink #10

Green #11 Blue #12

Red #13 Pink #14

Green #15 Blue #16

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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1. February 2017


Periodic Table Of Elements Of MS


If you have followed this lowly website for any length of time…first, I apologize…and second, you know I get geeked by science.

I love all aspects of science and what it means to life & the world around us.


Thinks he's Bill Nye?

Thinks he’s Bill Nye?


That being said, you probably haven’t given much thought about the Periodic Table of Elements since high school chemistry class.


Well I’m here to say those 118 elements & their respected symbols have a double meaning.  ESPECIALLY if you have multiple sclerosis.

Let me explain using several examples…


Where is he going with this?

Where is he going with this?




The element Carbon, in chemistry, is known simply by the letter “C.”

But those of us with MS, might know the letter “C” as the popular medication Copaxone.





Yeah, okay...

Yeah, okay…




Iodine, in chemistry, is represented with the letter “I.”


Meanwhile, in the MS world, “I” is short for “Interferon.”





I get this know!

I get this now!




The element Boron is “B” in chemistry.


While we with MS know “B” stands for “Betaserone.”






Pretty simple, huh?

Here are some other elements from the Periodic Table and what I believe (not certain though) are the meanings of the element’s symbol to us living with multiple sclerosis


Spot on!

Spot on!




Symbol-   Ac


MS meaning-  What every MSer lives for on a hot day.











Symbol-   Ru


MS meaning-  Short for “You’re not gonna stick that big needle in my arm ARE YOU?”  


Sweating already.

Sweating already.





Symbol-   Pt


MS meaning-   Physical therapy.











Symbol-   Uut


MS meaning-   Sound you make when stretched too far in physical therapy.










Symbol-   Gd


MS meaning-   Abbreviation of what’s said when I stub my toe during a midnight trip to the bathroom.



Speak doggie speak!

Speak doggie speak!





Symbol-   Rf


Meaning-   Sound made by a dog who doesn’t use vowels.











Symbol-   P


MS meaning-   “Don’t remind me or I’ll have to go again.”





Asked a million times.

Asked a million times.





Symbol-   Y


MS meaning-   “Why me?”






I've tried.

I’ve tried.





Symbol-  Po


MS meaning-   “Man, I wish I could go.”





But it was so good.

But it was so good.





Symbol-   Hf


Meaning-   The answer when asked “How much cake did you eat?”




That's crazy!

That’s crazy!





Symbol-   Bh


MS meaning-   Gut reaction at cost of a medication.




How many?

How many?





Symbol-   Ga


MS meaning-   Trying to swallow umpteen Prednisone pills.




C'mon fingers.

C’mon fingers.





Symbol-   Pr


MS meaning-   Setting a record time for buttoning a shirt/blouse.




I'm royalty.

I’m royalty.





Symbol-   Bk


Meaning-   Burger King




Pardon me.

Pardon me.





Symbol-   Yb


Meaning-  What you do after drinking fizzy soda at Burger King.




Not a smart guy.

Not a smart guy.





Symbol-   Ds


Meaning-   My grades.




Big yawn.

Big yawn.





Symbol-   Pm


MS meaning-   The time of day many MSers get drowsy.





And lastly…


Please, I need one.

Please, I need one.





Symbol-   Hg


MS meaning-   Short for “Hug.”  What you need on a bad day.




See?  Who says you can’t learn anything by reading this drivel.

Till next time.












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28. January 2017


Notes On Totes


Carry this.

Carry this.




Promotional giveaway items, knicknacks, doodads, whatnots, thingamajigs.

The items have changed through the years.

Kind of like a geologic time scale of gimcrack whatchamacallits.


Anything with enough room to cram a company logo.


Pencils.  Pens.  Matches.  Ashtrays.  Jar openers.  Umbrellas.  Chip clips.  Note pads.  Pill boxes.


Still can't open the #@&% jar!

Still can’t open the #@&% jar!



You name it, they make it.


And because you & I are suckers for a freebie, we have LOADS of this stuff (most of it untouched) jammed in drawers & cupboards throughout our home.




Got game?

Got game?



I have a cabinet filled with more sport bottles than there are Olympic events!


Another area is home to coffee travel mugs—and no one in my family drinks java!




Today, the giveaway items have evolved with technology to include mouse pads, memory sticks & selfie-sticks.


Make mine bigly.

Make mine bigly.



In recent days ballcaps with catchy slogans have been popular.

(I don’t have one of these.)


Through it all, one item has remained a marketing fav…..the tote bag.


Popular since humans have had hands, the tote bag is perfect for two reasons.  One, a tote bag gives the organization plenty of room for a logo.  And two, a tote bag allows me to carry more crap.


But I am here to say “Enough already with the tote bag.”

I am up to my waist in tote!

With a quick count, I tally up no less than 57 tote bags in my home.

Totes from hospitals, health systems, food companies, sports teams, grocery stores, cable companies, running races, retail and the list goes on.


Lug this around!

Lug this around!



We even have a giant tote bag to hold all the smaller totes!


I was given a backpack tote with a logo–and I can barely walk.


Totes of all sizes & shapes.


Blinding me with tote!

Blinding me with tote!



Colors too.


We have totes of enough different colors to choke ROY G BIV.


Marketers, please.  Hear me out.

Stop with the tote bags.  My hands & closets are full.

Frankly, I’m ready to go back to jar openers.











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23. January 2017


Do You Prep?


Well do ya?

Well do ya?



There is a big day looming on my MS horizon.


Not one.  Not two.  But three appointments in a single day.


A trifecta of care at the Mellen Center of the Cleveland Clinic.





I’ll begin with a morning session of Botox injections in my legs to slay the arch-nemesis spasticity.

Followed up with a nooner inside an MRI tube.

All topped off, for shits & giggles, with an afternoon visit with Claire, my lovely & talented CNP.


Can you say “Ca-Ching!”


Yes, I will meet my yearly deductible in one glorious day!

But that’s the price you pay for convenience…and I’m just happy to get it done in one trip–instead of three!


So I must begin my preparation.

What’s that you ask?  Preparation?  What do you mean?

Surely you prepare for appointments.

I have a checklist I go through for ANY appointment.


How deep can you forge?

How deep can you forge?




When I am about to get my wig busted (haircut), I always make sure my ears are properly cleaned.





We see broccoli.

We see broccoli.



Same goes for a dentist appointment.

I brush.  And floss.  Which is weird because the hygenist is going to floss the very same way–so why do it?

(Suppose I don’t want her to think I am slacking on my dental care.)



So I prep for MS appointments much the same way.


In the days leading up to a doctor visit, I tend to move around (exercise) with more determination to keep limber.

I do extra stretching, wiggling my feet & ankles for flexibility.  My bones creak & crack like a bowl of Rice Krispies.


Sweet tootsies.

Sweet tootsies.




I make sure to wear my Dyna-splint in the evenings & night to help with foot drop.




Being sure to take my Baclofen…get plenty of rest…eat my veggies…say my prayers…don’t step on a crack to break my mother’s back…and any other thing you can think of.


In other words, I want them to see me at my absolute best.

I want to be faster during the timed 25ft walking test.

Quicker doing the nine-hole peg test.

Kick butt on the memory quiz.

Brighter eyes. 

Sharper mind.


Maybe it’s about being competitive…trying to beat my times.

But maybe, just maybe, it’s my way of showing them that multiple sclerosis isn’t going to take me down as quickly as it wants.

How about you?

Do you prep for appointments?  Anything special you do beforehand?

Please share in a comment as something you do may help someone else.

Keep moving.


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16. January 2017


Studies Show


Sharpen you pencils.

Sharpen your pencils.


We live by the numbers.  Or so it seems.

Apparently the number-crunchers do studies & collect statistics on every crazy, conceiveable thing you can imagine.

Those of us with multiple sclerosis aren’t exempt from the studies either.


Did you know…..

85% of people are diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS at onset.

And of those…

50% with RRMS will transition to secondary-progressive MS within a decade of diagnosis.


Well here at My Odd Sock, we (I) have conducted our own (my own) extensive research study on how MS affects our lives.  Here are the results.


Studies show…..






will find the toilet lid down when you have to pee the most.






About right.

About right.




will find an open disabled parking space at the mall.





Did I?

Did I?




will re-read several pages of a book before realizing you read it the day before.






Woops %$&@!

Woops %$&@!




of clumsy MSers will drop the soap in the shower.











will leave the doctor’s office with more questions than when you went in.






Attention shoppers.

Attention shoppers.




will choose the grocery shopping cart with the squeaky wheel.






Gimme a hand here.

Gimme a hand here.



will need a push getting their wheelchair/scooter over the large bump of the “handicap-accessible” curb.






You flasher!

You flasher!




will be embarrassed by an unzipped zipper or unbuttoned button because you have no sensation.





No shit.

No shit.




MSers who reach their yearly insurance deductible before the end of February.






Please give.....again.

Please give…..again.




People who donate to a charity then tire of the charity’s relentless requests to donate more.





Give it the sniff test.

Give it the sniff test.




will wear the same clothes two days in a row because “I didn’t do anything to get them dirty!”





Hoarder please.

Hoarder please.




Rollator users who need to empty trash they’ve collected in the basket under the seat.





Who is this?

Who is this?




will forget whose number you just dialed.






It counts, right?

It counts, right?




MSers have leg spasms so often they count on a FitBit.






VERY accurate!

VERY accurate!



know they are wasting their time reading My Odd Sock.







The studies don’t lie.  OK maybe mine does a tad.

Defy all stats and make this your best day ever!








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