24. October 2016


Driving Me Nuts


Having multiple sclerosis challenges so many aspects of your life.

From the simpliest task to the most difficult situation, an MSer battles far greater adversity than just stepping over a high curb.


Buckle up.  Here we go...

Buckle up. Here we go…

One thing we do is drive and/or ride in a motor vehicle.

We think nothing of a 40 minute drive to a favorite restaurant.  An hour ride to meet friends.  Or several hours for a weekend getaway.

Driving (and riding) is part of our lifestyle.  But add MS into the mix…and the game changes in dramatic fashion!


Fatigue, spasticity, bladder, car sickness, vertigo, dizziness and more—it’s a full smorgasbord of issues those of us with MS face every time we buckle up.

I for one, deal with extreme spasticity, cramping, spasms…along with bobble-head type doziness as soon as we exit the friggin driveway!


The following is a pictoral reenactment of a typical trip with yours truly as the passenger.


Warning: Contains graphic images some viewers may find disturbing.


And away we go.

And away we go.



Here I am all strapped in.  Sitting tall in eager anticipation of a wonderful time with family.

Groomed.  Cleaned.  Pressed.  Toileted.  Rested.  Medicated.  Hydrated.

Ready for new experiences & engaging conversation.






Oh my.

Oh my.



After about 30 minutes in the car, conversation has ceased.

I’ve read everything in the glove box including a warranty for the new Michelins.

My legs are beginning to cramp, spasm & curl like plastic on a hot stove.

And my head is bobbing with such force I’m giving myself whiplash.





Anyone got a spatula?

Anyone got a spatula?



Arriving at our destination, I am a dishoveled disaster.

Barely able to move, I pour myself out of the seat.  Not just a few steps to reclaim my caveman gait, but a few hundred.

Often it takes a full day for my MS-riddled body to recover.

“Don’t mind me” I tell our hosts as I sprawl out on their floor to begin a stretching routine that would choke a contortionist.




Yes, driving (and riding) in a car is my most burdensome activity with multiple sclerosis.

How about you?  How do you deal with MS as your co-pilot?

I won’t stop going places that’s for sure.  And neither should you.  We do that and MS wins.

So suck it up Nancy.  Do as you must.  And keep pressing.

That’s all we can do.  (That, and bring a napkin to wipe the slobber from our chin.)

Happy travels.





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17. October 2016


Sliders: the foot-drop perspective


Ready. Hut. Hike.

Ready. Hut. Hike.

“Take a step in my shoes” is an all-too familiar quote.  And when you have multiple sclerosis & MS related foot-drop in particular, “taking a step in my shoes” can be difficult–if not darn near impossible.

That’s why with foot-drop, the proper shoes are a prerequisite.

In most cases, every MSer has a favorite pair of “sliders.”

We’re not talking hamburgers here—we’re talking shoes!


Sliders are generally a well-worn pair of shoes with barely a trace of sole that “slides” over thick carpeting, rough concrete, tall grass or any other surface scratchy enough to grab a draggy toe.

A good pair of sliders gives you a sliver of confidence you can make it from the chair to the powder room witout doing a faceplant.

Sliders provide a little hope when yo have very little!


The old-reliables!

The old-reliables!



My favorite pair of sliders are ridiculously worn.

Probably a dozen years old with an aroma that would make a Bloodhound whimper.




Retired early.

Retired early.



I had to revert back to my old shoes seen above when this pair just became too difficult to wear.

The wide sole grabbed everything & made walking exhausting.


It was like wearing a pair of track spikes…..



No go. Using a starter's pistol to put these down!

No go. Using a starter’s pistol to put these down!



…..Speaking of which, track spikes & golf shoes are a poor choice of footwear when you have MS foot-drop.






Let me think about it..no.

Let me think about it..no.



And cleats.

Cleats are a no-no unless you are Peyton Manning or Mia Hamm or something.




There's a test? I just made this up.

There’s a test? I just made this up.




A good measure is the “slide-ability” of shoes over a surface.

If it is hard to slide shoes using your hand, there’s no way in hell your limp feet are gonna move it.




Not mine.

Not mine.



Here is a good pair of sliders for the ladies.

Flat, low-profile & easy to put on.

Excellent choice!




I only wear when I want to look extra pretty.

I only wear when I want to look extra pretty.





Heels on the other hand (or foot in this case) are bad for foot-dragging females or drag-dressing males with MS.






Nope. Not these.

Nope. Not these.



Running shoes are no better.

Nice, cushy walk but then again the tread grabs everything.





Hey, not bad. Not bad at all.

Hey, not bad. Not bad at all.



This pair of shoes excells on the slide-ability test.

Almost like a “boat-shoe” type sole. but they can stick on a wood surface so be careful.

I only wear them on my yacht.




Whoa, I'm not Bear Grylls.

Whoa, I’m not Bear Grylls.


Hiking boots.

I don’t wear hiking boots for a couple of reasons…

One…I no longer hike.


Two….Hiking boots are so dang heavy I can’t lift my legs!

Bad choice.


Ahh, slippers. Again, not mine!

Ahh, slippers. Again, not mine!


That leave foot-dropping MSers with two options….


Light-weight, comfy & no catchy sole.

Or two…nothing at all.  Barefoot.

I do my best “Huck Finn” & go barefoot around the house which explains my dirty feet & gnarly toenails.



If you have any tidbits on how you battle foot-drop, please share your knowledge with a comment!

Otherwise, tread lightly my friend.  Keep moving–but do it safely.




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14. October 2016


Haunted Houses You’ll Never See

Let’s blow the cobwebs off this frightening My Odd Sock for Halloween…..



Let's get scary!

Let’s get scary!


The halloween season brings out the scare in all of us.

That explains the popularity of haunted houses.  

It seems every community has a haunted attraction that promises to frighten the wits out of everyone who dares to enter.

I love the names of these places.




Names like…Basement of the Dead…Fright Farm…Terror Town…Fear Factory…Insanitarium…Field of Screams…House of Torment…Murder Mansion and the list goes on & on.

I get scared just reading them!

A terrifying name sets the tone for an awesome haunted house.

That being said, My Odd Sock would like to present “Haunted Houses You’ll Never See.”

A not-so-successful list of names that don’t make the cut.

Please feel free to add your own haunted names with a comment!

Now let’s not get frightened…


Carnival of Horrors

Plasma Panic Center


Dead Denny’s


The Mortal Minivan


Messy Teen’s Bedroom

Niles haunted House

Rectory Revoltion


Boo Breezeway


Putrid Porta-Pot


DMV Deadzone


Murder Mudroom


The Unnerving Nursery



Rotten Produce Department


Quick-Lube Quarantine


Wimp Wake


Frightful Food Court

Fright Farm

Telemarketing Terror


Lane Bryant



The Livid Lounge


Airport Terror Taxi

Fear Factory

Applebee’s Asylum



and finally…

Haunted Hospice House


Happy halloween everyone!



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10. October 2016


Sweaty Conversation


I do NOT have blue hair.

I do NOT have blue hair.



The morning was cool.

Perfect weather to forgo my usual solitary workout in the basement and drag my MS-laden body to the local high school track for a stroll.

I prefer walking on a track as there is no worry about uneven surfaces or hills.

The downside of going to the track is being on public display.

There are usually other people present and it makes me uncomfortable.




You see, I can walk.  But it is an ugly walk.  A “Walking Dead” walk.  A “tin woodsman before the oil-can”, walk.

Therefore I would just rather avoid the glances & oddly-scripted conversation with others and stay huddled in my basement.

But I decided to pull-up my big boy britches and venture out to the track.

There, I wasn’t disappointed by the mindless comments of others.


Here we go...

Here we go…

A lady in a Cleveland Indians track suit zipped past me and sympathetically said…“Keep going.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!”

Did I respond by saying:

A)-  “Thanks lady, I plumb forgot how to walk–something I’ve done since I was two.”


B)-  “You got it.  You do the best you can” as I offered a fake smile.


Well I chose “B” because I am polite.  (But “A” was a very close 2nd.)


Not again!

Not again!



Moments later, another walker greeted me with her best Dr. Phil compassion when she said (in a tone as though talking to an ailing family pet)…”Getting some exercise, huuuh?” (with emphasis on the “huh.”)



Did I respond by saying:

A)-  “No, I just escaped from jail & I’m making a slow get-away.”


B)-  “Yeah, you know—moving around.”


Again I bit my lip and chose “B” to avoid a scene.


Once everyone was gone and I was left alone, I had a tremendous time completing my little workout.

I don’t think of myself as being anti-social, but the further I get into this MS journey…I find myself retreating…trying to avoid the next sweaty conversation.




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3. October 2016


Between Two Lesions


Here's a stretch of a post!

Here’s a stretch of a post!



Having multiple sclerosis (and two areas of damage on my brain) for a little over twenty years now, I began to wonder about my lesions.

What do they do?

What do they say?

I mean, I have a gigandous head but there’s still not much room to share between two spots for over twenty years.




Here is my best guesstimation of what goes on “Between Two Lesions”…..


Constant bickering.

Constant bickering.












Friends don't mind.

Friends don’t mind.











Vertical plaque is slimming.

Vertical plaque is slimming.












Starve a cold--Feed MS.

Starve a cold–Feed MS.












Silly fun.

Silly fun.












Pun City!

Pun City!












Nothing like a punch line from 30 years ago!

Nothing like a punch line from 30 years ago!












Corny jokes too.

Corny jokes too.












Let me think about that...

Let me think about that…













Physical activity.

Physical activity.


















































As you can probably tell, I, like my lesions, have too much time to kill!

What might your MS lesions be saying?  Share away with your best guess in a comment.

Keep moving.















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30. September 2016




What? More? Really?

What? More? Really?


SMH, short for “shaking my head.”

There are a lot of things going on in this world today that leaves one SMH.

Heck this whole website is based on SMH.

So to add fuel to the fire, I thought I would “pile on” with a few new items worthy of SMH distinction.



Let’s check’em out for a collective shaking of our heads…..


All the news fit to print.

All the news fit to print.

In this newsy tidbit, a school district finds it neccessary to announce it now has a Facebook page.

Big news if this were..say..2005!

What took you so long?  Even my 99 year-old great Nan is on Facebook!

What wasn’t My Space getting the response you wanted anymore?

That kind of progressive thinking will have them on Instagram by decade’s end.


What’s next?…..


The sweet taste of patriotism!

The sweet taste of patriotism!


Okay okay, I am proud to be an American, but this patriotic, flag-waving gets carried away at times.


Even this bottle of honey is labeled “Made by American bees.”



Just how can you be sure this honey has been made by American b….

Quite a trademark!

Quite a trademark!



Oops, I guess that proves it!






Finally, here’s a product that comes from the headquarters of smh goods…Bed Bath & Beyond.


Oh geez.

Oh geez.


It’s the “Illumibowl”, the motion-activated toilet night light.


Really?  I need this?


Toilets in Flint glow like this & they don’t have the light!




The ROY G BIV of toilet lights.

The ROY G BIV of toilet lights.

Best of all, Illumibowl projects in eight colors!

“Set your favorite or rotate” the ad says.

Quick question…Which color makes my ass look smaller?

And to “rotate” the colors?  Sorry Bed Bath & Beyond, I don’t need my privates lit up like a TSO concert.  I’m just trying to pee at 3am.


Just shaking my head all day.  If you have a SMH moment please share it with us in a comment.

Tll next time.



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