26. August 2016


This & That



You have been warned.

You have been warned.




Welcome to “This & That.”


It’s the only uninspired name I could come up with to describe a blog post of disjointed, leftover ideas & pictures.



Shall we get started?…..




$600 a dose now!

$600 a dose now!




With all the uproar these days in current events of a similiar product, I thought it was wise to demonstrate the proper use of an EpiPez.






Trusted all right.

Trusted all right.


Don’t you love businesses who make claims like this?


To me it says…”Beyond ’31—you’re on your own.”


“Screw you–you should be dead.”


(Geez Sock, don’t take things so literal!)



Say it like you mean it.

Say it like you mean it.


Here’s a recent front page of my local paper.


Yeah, just throw out the journalistic, news gathering and give me more coupons!


If only TV would be so bold to come out and say…”Now with more commercials!”




It's my work car.

It’s my work car.


Saw this the other day.


Thought it would be cool to own this as a second car!

A fire truck would save time running errands because you never have to stop for the lights!


Great horn too!




Gee thanks.

Gee thanks.




So excited to get a new membership card in the mail.


Guess I have MS for another friggin year now.





Finally, who doesn’t love a little soft porn as I reveal my intimate summer tan lines…..


Hobbitt feet.

Hobbitt feet.


Below the ankle bone…Mee-ow!


Must have used SPF300 on those feet.

Those toosies haven’t seen the light of day since 1974.

I could grow mushrooms between the toes.




There, I warned you this would be a hodge-podge mess.

Hope you are happy.

Have a tremendous weekend.





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22. August 2016


MS and the Makeup Mirror


What do ya mean?

What do ya mean?


MS and the makeup mirror?

What on Earth does a makeup mirror have to do with multiple sclerosis?

Now before you think My Odd Sock has blown a hole in the toe, let me explain.


It’s no surprise to someone when I tell them I have MS.

Outfitted with canes, a wheelchair, hand-controls & an AFO, it is easy to assume I either have MS or an affinity for Iron Man/Inspector Gadget (your choice).




Handsome in regular size!

Handsome in regular size!


A look in the mirror reflects my stooped posture, tired eyes and sloth-like gait.


As a fellow MSer you may cast a similiar image.

Maybe yours with crutches…a rollator…or scooter.

We are all slightly different—but we’re still pretty much the same MS through & through.



OK Sock, what does this have to do with a makeup mirror?


Well, flip the mirror over to the magnified side and we can take a closer look at the MS symptoms that aren’t so noticeable…


Yikes! A real closeup!

Yikes! A real closeup!

Look deep into the closeup mirror and you’ll see our draggy fatigue.

Searing pain and sleep problems.

Sorry if we forgot your big news—our cognitive function struggles like riding a bike uphill.

There’s spirit-crushing depression.

Balance/coordination issues.

And if we don’t end this soon, our bladders may let loose without warning.



So when you tell us…”But you look so good”…make sure you flip the mirror over to look at the magnified side of our multiple sclerosis.

Not quite as attractive, is it?

Tell me what you see in your mirror.






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18. August 2016


My Odd Sock: Shopaholic


Buy Buy Buy!

Buy Buy Buy!


A few among us may describe themselves as a “shopaholic.”

Though I am not a shopaholic per se, I AM addicted to scanning the ads to find items & advertising that are well beyond ridiculous.

Here are a few of my “must-have-NOTS”…..



Did you step in something?

Did you step in something?


Note to retailers & branding specialists:

Do not include the word “poo” in a product name.

“Poo” is short for something we all know is not pleasing to the nose.

Person #1-  (Sniff sniff)..”What’s that smell?”

Person #2-  “It’s a new fragrance…Poo-Pourri.”

Person #1-  (Gagging)..Smells like sh**!  I’m goin out for some fresh air!”

Announcer-  “Poo-Pourri…clearing the room of odors & everyone else.”


Need another example?


Move over Blistex, there’s a new player in town…..

Another bright idea.

Another bright idea.


How about some “Chicken Poop Lip Balm?”

Yeah, I wish I was making this up.  How stupid a name!


It claims to be “Made with natural oils.”

Hmm, let’s hope the “natural oils” aren’t from the business end of a chicken.

Be sure to get your balm today because with a name like this the company won’t be in business very long!



Lots of retailers are having big sales on fitness apparel.


Can you try a little harder?

Can you try a little harder?


In this picture, Kohl’s hired a unenthused model to strike his most unathletic pose.


Is is working out or standing in line at the DMV?

Looks like he’s channeling his inner flamingo.

Or warming up for a one-legged ass-kicking contest.



What’s next…..


Beast?  Try again.

Beast? Try again.



Also from Kohl’s is this young athlete.

Wearing a “Beast” t-shirt…..and leggings!


C’mon man, you can’t be a beast…in tights.


Toughen up, Nancy.


Take it with you, fatty.

Take it with you, fatty.


Here’s a product we don’t need.

A “Portable” digital bathroom scale.


How many times have you been out with friends and wished ou had a portable scale to show’em how heavy you are?

Take it to the carnival & prove the weight-guesser wrong!



Thanks CVS for telling me when to eat!

Thanks CVS for telling me when to eat!



Your local CVS Pharmacy checks in with a clever ad about “Daypart Snacking.”


CVS offers healthful snacks as well as time of day reminders of when to enjoy the nutritious bits.



Now we're talking!

Now we’re talking!



Fortunately…on the opposite page, CVS saves us with sweet treats to eat the rest of the day!


ALWAYS the perfect time to cram Skittles & a KitKat bar down the pie hole!


What’s next…..



Dreaming to make balloon animals.

Dreaming to make balloon animals.


Who doesn’t need self-tying water balloons!


You know, I’m thinking if you can’t tie a balloon…maybe you should leave the water for another day. 

Just too dangerous.



Look around--your friends are making fun of you!

Look around–your friends are making fun of you!




Virtual reality is all the rage these days.

And now, you can join the ranks with this high-tech virtual reality viewer for less than a fiver!


Walk around with this on your mug to prove to your friends just how gullible you are.

Even the people playing Pokemon Go will think you look ridiculous.



Well my fellow shoppers, my fingers are covered with newsprint ink so it’s time to park this shopping cart & call it a day.  Guess I didn’t need that stolen credit card after all.







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11. August 2016


A Matter of Inches


Let's get a measure.

Let’s get a measure.


Life is a long, long journey.

But when you have the ickies like multiple sclerosis, the teeny-tiniest part of the journey can be the most challenging.

Not miles, meters or even feet.

With MS & MS related foot-drop, the biggest hurdles in life can be measured in inches.  (Often even less than that!)



Thought I would introduce you to a few of my own personal pains in the a$$.

(I’m sure you will be able to relate.)


Bumps & Curbs


C'mon, up & over!

C’mon, up & over!

Whether walking, using a rollator or a wheelchair/scooter, you gotta love the little two-inch bump of an accessible curb.

Hit’em with your wheels & get minor whiplash.

These hazards are just tall enough to summons someone to help “bump” me up & over the cement swell.

Somewhere the “accessible” part got lost in the shuffle!





Watch your step!

Watch your step!


Room thresholds.  Carpet thresholds.  Thresholds in doorways, basement ways & stairways.

Thresholds are everywhere stressing me out where ever I go.

It’s not only facing the odds of entering a new room with a different surface…but now I must hurdle the inch-tall threshold with my draggy-ass dead legs!


Doorway thresholds are difficult simple because after surviving the step-up…you gotta clear that little extra.


Oh geez.

Oh geez.


Even worse, the doorway to our patio has lots of raised edges to catch toes or any semblance of tread on my shoes.

The other day I was caught in this particular doorway, one foot in & one foot out for about five minutes.

I didn’t have the strength or balance in my legs to go either way.

It was a scary, demoralizing & profanity-laced dilemma.





Kiss those lips.

Kiss those lips.


Not talking Mick Jagger here.

The lips of a stairway makes me a real tender-foot.

After lifting my lead leg up to the next step…foot-drop causes my trailing foot to catch the lip of the previous one.

Again, I don’t have the oomph to hike & curl my toosies.

How ’bout you?



Winner-winner chicken dinner!

Winner-winner chicken dinner!


Coming in our back door is like hitting the jackpot ‘cuz it’s “DOUBLE BONUS!!”

(SFX-crowd cheer)…”Johnny, tell’em what they have won!…”

Sure thing, Sock!…”This lucky MSer will not only face the challenge of a stair lip…but ALSO the grueling climb over a slight elevated threshold!

It’s an exhausted MSer’s dream come true.  And it’s all yours each time you come or go.  Congratulations!”


So you see it doesn’t have to be a long walk from the parking lot.  Or a short stroll to the mailbox to cause issues.  When you have MS, challenges come in small packages.

Some, a matter of inches.

Please share the small obstacles in your life and we’ll commiserate together.

Be safe.










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6. August 2016

1 Comment

My Odd Sock’s “Lost And Found”



Giving back.

Giving  back.


Here at My Odd Sock, we pledge our best to help those who are helping others.


So when a dear pal shared the heartbreaking story of a wayward creature, My Odd Sock eagerly jumped, selflessly mind you, to use its world-wide reach to support the worthy cause.


Here is the wistful saga…..



Please help spread the word.

Please help spread the word.















Yes, a chicken has been found.

And we are determined to find its rightful owner.


Very personable, I might add.

Very personable, I might add.

Keep in mind this is no ordinary chicken.


But a “friendly” chicken.


Although we are all familiar with a “friendly” dog that licks our face, wags its tail or humps our leg.

A “friendly” chicken is uncharted territory to most.



Prefers conversation over clucking.

Prefers conversation over clucking.


Personally I would describe a chicken as “delicious”, “delectable”, even “yummy” before using the word “friendly.”


But maybe this chicken was found by a member of PETA, who knows.



All I can do is picture in my mind a family of teary-eyed young children mourning the loss of their dear, friendly chicken.



If you or someone you know has lost a friendly chicken, you are urged to contact this website inn comment form and I will be sure to put you in touch with this civic-minded citizen.

Now all this talk has peaked my appetite, so off to KFC.








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1. August 2016





Are you being serious?

Are you being serious?


You and I must LOVE to analyize stuff.

We must LOVE to hear commentary on current events, news, sports, trends & culture.

Discussion of different opinions & ideas.

Predictions & prognostication.

What ifs & what was.


At least that’s what TV networks must think.



What'dya think, Howie?

What’dya think, Howie?

Why else would the Fox Network have five talking heads in studio to discuss a football game?

Five?  Really?

(Actually 4 1/2 if you count Terry Bradshaw.  Love the guy but he’s so beaten up he’s a walking example of concussion protocol!)


A recent example of the media’s commentary overkill happened just last month during the political conventions.

Did you happen to watch coverage of the GOP convention on CNN?


You need a scorecard!

You need a scorecard!


Yeah, they had 9…nine…count’em NINE “experts” on the set to discuss every tiny nuance of whatever.

So many folks in fact, CNN had to call Patio Enclosures to build an extension on the studio!



Can't be outdone!

Can’t be outdone!


Of course CNN must give equal coverage to the Democrats…so in trot another nine yackety-yakers to give us enough opinions our heads were about to explode!

I can hardly wait to see what CNN unveils for election night.


Media, please take it easy on folks like me.  I got Pokemon to catch & “The Bachelorette” on tivo.





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