30. October 2014

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What’s Going On Here?


What's Going on Here








Time to answer the question on everyone’s mind….”What’s Going On Here?”

My Odd Sock presents five different pictures along with several descriptions of what may be happening in each picture.

Your task is to choose the summary that best describes “What’s Going On Here?”


Let’s get started…



woman water aerobics

Picture #1


What’s going on here?


A)  Amelia Earhart finally reaching shore.

B)  An MSer enjoying water aerobics.


C)  Someone should check the chlorine/Ph level of the pool.







Guy Boxing

Picture #2


What’s going on here?


A)  An MS patient warming up before his workout.

B)  A man waging war on multiple sclerosis.


C)  An MSer punching himself silly after getting no answers from his neurologist.





Woman on rollator

Picture #3


What’s going on here?


A)  Two friends chatting in the neighborhood.

B)  An MSer taking a break during a morning stroll.


C)  An MSer moments before screaming as she wildly careens out of control on a downhill freefall while seated on her rollator.  RIP.




Man and disappointed woman

Picture #4


What’s going on here?


A)  Man apologizes after spending savings on shit from QVC.

B)  An emotional scene from the latest Viagra commercial.


C)  An MSer learning Tecfidera treatments cost over 50 thousand dollars a year.




Woman yawningPicture #5

What’s going on here?

A)  A female reads My Odd Sock.

B)  A woman experiencing MS fatigue.


C)  A female MSer getting fatigued while reading My Odd Sock.



That’s all the time we have.

Join us again next time for more “What’s Going On Here?”





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25. October 2014


Haunted House Names You’ll Never See



Let's get scary!

Let’s get scary!



The halloween season brings out the scare in all of us.


That explains the popularity of haunted houses.  It seems every community has a haunted attraction that promises to frighten the wits out of everyone who dares to enter.

I love the names of these places.



Names like…Basement of the DeadFright FarmTerror TownFear FactoryInsanitariumField of ScreamsHouse of TormentMurder Mansion and the list goes on & on.

I get scared just reading them!


A terrifying name sets the tone for an awesome haunted house.

That being said, My Odd Sock would like to present “Haunted House Names You’ll Never See.”

A not-so-successful list of names that don’t make the cut.

Please feel free to add your own haunted names with a comment!

Now let’s not get frightened…



Carnival of Horrors

Plasma Panic Center


Dead Denny’s


The Mortal Minivan


Messy Teen’s Bedroom



Niles haunted House

Rectory Revoltion


Boo Breezeway


Putrid Porta-Pot


DMV Deadzone


Murder Mudroom


The Unnerving Nursery



Rotten Produce Department


Quick-Lube Quarantine



Wimp Wake


Frightful Food Court


Fright Farm


Telemarketing Terror


Lane Bryant


The Livid Lounge


Airport Terror Taxi


Fear Factory

Applebee’s Asylum




and finally…


Haunted Hospice House



Happy halloween everyone!






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21. October 2014


A Fresh Perspective


Everyone needs a attitude adjustment from time to time.  I know I do.

Little did I expect mine to occur during a dinner party with friends.


Donna was sitting in the kitchen involved in a lively discussion.  She was bubbly & engaging.  Quick to laugh and smile brightly.

She was a petite, retired school teacher in her mid 60′s with curly brown hair, glasses and wearing lots of bling.

But her jewelry wasn’t what sparkled most—it was her attitude.  

And I was smitten.


Oh, did I tell you?  Donna also has ALS.


We spoke at length that evening.  First in the kitchen–she, sitting in a wheelchair while I stood, propped up by my canes, leaning against a cabinet like a house plant.

Later at dinner, we were seated together in a “handicap section” of the dining room.

We compared our “sclerosis’” and talked about treatments.  We discussed wall-walking and leg spasms.  

I learned ALS affects more men than women.  And she learned MS affects more females than males.  Weird how that works, we joked.


Despite a bleak future, Donna’s outlook was remarkable.

She wasn’t bitter but takes joy in every moment.

She says she does what she can each day.  Doesn’t dwell on the “what was” of the past or thinks about what her future holds.

Donna is occupied in the moment.  (And at that moment, she had to endure my bad breath & poor table manners.)


It is perspective like her’s that you & I can use to make it through a difficult day, a rough time or a physical setback.

Even she said “There are people far worse off than me.”

Damn straight, Donna!


Now that’s a fresh perspective I can live with.




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18. October 2014

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My Odd Sock’s Shopping List


It's double coupons!

It’s double coupons!



The pantry is bare so time to go to the store for yours truly.


Join me as we shop the day away in search of everything odd on the shelves at your local grocery store.


Grab a cart while I park the car and I’ll meet you in the juice aisle….





Good to the last drop.

Good to the last drop.



Nothing like starting the day with a tall glass of juice!

Let’s see, we have orange juice, strawberry-banana, pineapple, tomato….but….Clam juice?

From the makers of Gatorade!

Mmmm, high in vitamin yuk!

Make sure you get the pulp free.




What wine goes with Lumpfish?

What wine goes with Lumpfish?

What goes with Clam juice?

Why Black Lumpfish, of course!


Is it just me or is there anything remotely appetizing about the name…Black Lumpfish?

Why not something called Bloated Dead Carp?  Or, Slimy Skank Tuna?


I think I just lost my appetite for seafood!

Let’s head on over to the next aisle…



Baba Ganoush, have you any wool?

Baba Ganoush, have you any wool?


…to get some BaBa Ganoush.


I have no idea what this is, it’s just fun to say BaBa Ganoush!

BaBa Ganoush!

That man just stole my wallet, come back here you BaBa Ganoush!


What else in on the list?….




Cheese for the stupid.

Cheese for the stupid.


For those who have difficulty with real cheese, thank goodness for…Easy Cheese!


Yes, forget the messy grater.  Put away the sharp knife.

And just squirt your favorite cheese!


It’s cheese in a convenient aerosol can!  

The easy way to get heart disease and deplete the Ozone in one simple step!


Hungry for a sweet treat?….



The safari never tasted this good.

The safari never tasted this good.


…How about a Zebra Cake?


Leave it to Little Debbie to turn one of God’s beautiful creatures into a snack cake.

Wonder how many treats Debbie can make from one zebra?

Zebra Cakes ARE delicious, but I believe I found a bit of hoove in mine.




If you think that’s bad….how about poor Elmo……


Good as a side for roast Big Bird.

Good as a side for roast Big Bird.



His puppeteer was accused of sexual abuse…leaving poor Elmo to be pureed into a soup stock.





Finally, last on the shopping list…..



Doc, I think I need an ointment.

Doc, I think I need an ointment.


Yep, this is an actual product for sale on the shelf.


I’m not eating ANYTHING that sounds like something you should see a doctor about.

More Dick?

No thanks, I couldn’t swallow another bite.




Well, our shopping is done.  Time to check out.

Luckily with only seven items, we can hit the express lane.

Crap, I forgot the coupons!

Oh well.







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13. October 2014


My MS Life In A Comic Strip


Healthline logo


Despite my five-year journey writing deplorable, low-brow web content for My Odd Sock, a very reputable firm asked me to create some fun, MS related stuff for them as well.

Healthline Networks is an online provider of trusted health information, news and doctor-reviewed resources for readers and their families.

At their website, Healthline.com, you can find great information and support for multiple sclerosis and just about every illness known to man.



Long story short, Healthline.com turned my MS diagnosis story into a comic strip.

So, in my own words and illustrated by Yulia Seliutina, please enjoy “My MS Story Reduced To A Comic.”


MS Comic













































































Also, be sure to visit facebook.com/livingwithmultiplesclerosishealthline each Sunday to see my MS “Sunday Funny.”



















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30. September 2014


MS Goes To The Movies

film background  

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Hollywood was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

My Odd Sock believes our favorite movies would be quite different.

Roll’em and let’s see how…….    



“Officer And A Gentleman With Leg Spasms”


“Memory Is Gone With The Wind”


This website is rated for idiots.

This website is rated for idiots.

“Wizard Of Odd Sensations”


“Blade Walker”


“Band Of Bladders”


“A Shot In The Thigh”


Financing is available.

Financing is available.


“The Blind Side Of Optic Neuropathy”


“Absence of Myelin”


“Les Miserable”


“The Interferon Hangover”


“Schindler’s Limp”

Angioplasty extra.
Angioplasty extra.


“This Is Spinal Tap”  (No Name Change Needed)


“Snow White And The Seven Neurologists”


“Full Metal Cooling Jacket”


“A Hard Day’s Night Not Sleeping”


“A Fistful of Medicare Dollars”

    Movie Ticket

“Singin In The Pain”


“Close Encounters Of The MRI Kind”


“My Left Foot Drags”


“Silence Of The Limbs”


“Baclofen To The Future”


“The Social Security Network”


I can hardly wait.

I can hardly wait.




“When Harry Met Soli (Solumedrol)”




and finally


“Forrest Gimp”


Do you have any MS films to add to the marquee?  

Premiere them to My Odd Sock in a red-carpet comment.

Till then, we’ll see you at the movies! sock                                  

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