Daddy’s Little Helper

Daddy’s Little Helper


What’s in your tool box?

With multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms and leg tremors are a condition prerequisite…a not-so delightful appetizer before the main course, spasticity.

Some people experience the involuntary movement in their arms.  But most (like me) have legs that quiver worse than a chihuahua.

Such jumpiness happens at the most inopportune time as well.  Like when you’re trying to sit quietly.  Being still–at a wedding, an important meeting or a doctor’s appointment.  Yeah, nothing like a good, strong leg spasm during a prostate exam (I know!).





Early in my MS journey my legs would jump & shutter as though I was the Home Depot paint shaker!



Through the years I tried numerous options to soothe my weary appendages when a CNP asked if I was taking magnesium.

“Magnesium? Never heard about it,” I replied.

She said magnesium might help ease my fitful spasms.

One a day after a meal.


And how right she was!

I noticed a difference almost immediately.

I began taking a tab in the afternoon so it is well absorbed into my system by sack-time.

Sure…I still have SOME spasming, but not nearly as many as before.

Remember, NO pill has the benefits of exercise & stretching.  (Those are the BEST ways to ease the icks of spasticity!)

I exercise daily.  Plus, I stretch before I get out of bed (Read “Be A Dog (Or A Cat)” Oct 2023 post)…and I stretch for a solid 20 minutes at bedtime.

All working together in my daily routine, magnesium has become an important asset–my “daddy’s little helper” in slaying the big, bad MS monster.

What works for you?  How do you handle jumpy legs  Share your routine so we can all strive to escape our MS shackles.

Keep moving.




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