See-Thru Pants

See-Thru Pants


As the Major League Baseball season begins, so has another controversy.

The brew-ha-ha began when Nike, the official uniforn & footwear supplier to the MLB, unveiled a new uniform design.  This new line was performance-based; thinner, lighter-weight, allowing better air circulation.  And the change was much needed as players have been routinely grabbing and adjusting themselves as if wearing tighty-whities full of fire ants.

The new uni’s.


Unfortunately, players disliked the new threads for a variety of reasons, one of which was that the pants were “see-thru.”

Yeah, okay, they are a bit thin.

You can’t see skin but one does notice the jersey tucked into the pants.


But let me assure you, this isn’t the first time “see-thru” pants have been an issue.

Babe Ruth.



Yankee slugger Babe Ruth was the first “ballplayer” to don a pair of see-thru’s.

Yes, with lumber like that Babe hit home runs BOTH on AND off the field!


But not just in baseball.  “See-thru” pants have been around for ages.


Here’s a peek as My Odd Sock presents “See-Thru Pants. The Anthology.”

The father of our country.



George Washington crossing the Delaware River.

(His teeth weren’t the only wood.)


Sir Edmund Hillary.






Edmund Hillary reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

(Small blur as it was dang cold up there!)




“Blue Boy”




“Blue Boy” by Thomas Gainsborough.

Geez, poor kid, the entire outfit should be blurred.  Bet he was made fun of in school.



Buzz Aldrin



Astronaut Buzz Adrin was always “up” for a moon walk if you catch my drift.



President Nixon & Elvis.




The King meets Tricky Dick.



Charles & Diana




Later in their marriage, Lady Di wore the pants so her blur is bigger than his.




Lee Harvey Oswald.




Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald for wearing see-thru pants. (And for having a dumb name)



President Bill Clinton




He is the only one who truly ENJOYS wearing see-thru pants!





Adolf Hitler




How the German people came up with the name “weinerschnitzel.”



And finally,

Charlie Brown




We see the REAL reason he was called “blockhead.”



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