Yeah, that’s right.  Your MS M.O.

Your “modus operandi.”  Your plan.

What are you doing to fight back against your hiccup of multiple sclerosis?

But let’s not limit it to just MS.

Whether it be arthritis, diabetes, heart disease or any of a malady of ailments–you can’t just stand there & do nothing.

You gotta work it.

You gotta beat it to submission.

It doesn’t quit….so neither can you.


Never surrender!


By giving in—even for a day—it gains ground.

Therefore you mustn’t surrender.

You stay with the ship (your body) and fight back!

Are you taking medications?  That’s cool.  But that is just the first step.  I believe we rely on our meds too much.  We think a ‘magic pill’ will cure our ills.

You must work beyond simply swallowing a tablet or getting an injection.

You gotta do the work in addition!

Numbness in your hand?…..Well, move it!.

Weakness in your legs?…..Strengthen them!

Walk.  Stretch.  Reach.  Pull.  Lift.  Move.  Do whatever.

Doing SOMETHING is better than doing NOTHING.

Kick your legs during tv commercials.

Swing your arms as you sit in a chair.

Squeeze your butt cheeks while you read this dribble (I’m doing it as I write it!).

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it is more than you did before.


Keep track of your progress.  

Then do some more later…and don’t forget tommorrow!

Your ailment never stops its beatdown.  It doesn’t care.  So you gotta fight back with all you got.

And in doing so, you’ll feel better.  More positive.  You have accomplished.  And conquered.  I promise.



Phew, this motivational stuff has me all serious.

Back to some fun nonsense for a moment……..okay, better now.



Your M.O.  It doesn’t have to be regimented.  Or detailed.  Keep it fun!

Go for it!

Just do something to improve yourself.


And keep doing it.

It pays off.

I’m rooting for you!


Tell me your M.O.  What you’re doing to fight your dreaded ick.  Put it in a comment.  Then go do it.  I’ll be here, squeezing my butt cheeks, waiting for your reply.  (Eeesh, that sounds dreadful.  Sorry.)


2 Replies to “MS M.O.”

  1. My M.O. is using my standing frame.

    MS may have tried to keep me sitting down, but 3 days a week I stand with the standing frame’s help. Stretching out and strengthening my legs. Take that you icky MonSter.

    I do this now and hope for a future where I can stand independently one again!

    1. Jenn,
      You go girl! That it an amazing piece of equipment! Keep it up!…Keep working! And many thanks to you for sharing your M.O.