Be a Dog (Or a Cat)

Be a Dog (Or a Cat)


I don’t bite.

Good morning, sunshine.

You have just woken.  Your sleepy eyes still meer slits as daylight peeks through the bedroom windows.

Now before you throw over the blankets and put your feet on the floor–do yourself a favor.

Take five minutes, while still in bed…..and be a dog (or a cat)!




Dogs (and cats) don’t just barrel out of bed to begin their day.  And neither should you.

Dogs (and cats) rise slowly, with gentle stretching.  Working out the kinks.  A night’s stiffness brought on by a long slumber.


That feels better!

YOU are no different.

Take a few moments to quietly stir your body awake.

Easy, flowing movements.  Side to side.  Up & down.  There is no wrong way.

Best of all you are still in bed–so it’s not exercise, right?


I start by bringing my knees to my chest.  Wrapping my arms around to hold them.  Think of doing a cannonball in bed.  This is a great stretch for your lower back!


Good kitty!


Sit up and extend those legs and touch your toes (or try at least).

Lay on your side and reach with your left arm.  Now roll to the other side to reach with your right.


Good boy!


Stretch both arms skyward trying to touch the ceiling.  Do the same with your legs.

Breathe deep all the while.  In thru your nose.  Out thru your mouth.


Wiggle your fingers.  Turn your head from side to side.

There is no right or wrong way to do it.

You are waking up–warming up–your body for the day ahead…ALL while still in bed.  (It’s like using your bed as a physical therapy table!)

Just  few minutes each morning and your body will reward you with freer movement, less tightness, greater range of motion & better balance.  (I promise!)

So tomorrow morning, start your day like they do.

Be a dog (or a cat).*

*But don’t drink from the toilet.




4 Replies to “Be a Dog (Or a Cat)”

  1. I stretch my arms and legs before I get up in the morning. It feels good! (And many mornings, expels built up gas.)

    1. Tina,
      Ah, good for you…(not so good for your husband!).
      Keep it up! Every little bit helps! Thanks for sharing your success!

  2. I demand a recount regarding the study that flesh-eating & illness causing
    bacteria found in Florida coastal waters.

    Ron DeSantis IS THE WORST thing in the State of Florida!!

    1. Margaret,
      Well, I can’t disagree with your there.
      You are the BEST thing in the state of Florida!