Never Used SUV Names

Never Used SUV Names


Honk honk.


Our roads are filled with on-the-go SUV’s and work-duty trucks.

Inside are active drivers & families busy with jobs, chores and adventurous plans.

The brand names of these vehicles are the best.  They convey boundless energy and beautiful journeys behind majestic nameplates of grand nature!

GMC Sierra


Look there!…It’s a Kia Sedona.

I see a Toyota Tacoma.  Here’s a GMC Acadia.

They have a Hyundai Tucson and the Santa Fe.

Some drive a Buick Rainier.  Others, a Chevy Colorado.


Toyota Tacoma

Remember the Pontiac Montana?

There’s the popular Kia Telluride.

And the hard-working GMS Sierra among others.

Bold, brash names of endless possibilities & exciting adventures.


It is for these reasons you’ll never see vehicles like a…Buick Brownsville, Dodge Scranton or Chrysler Duluth.

You’ll never be passed by a Honda Hoboken, GMC Terre Haute or a Chevy Sheboygan.

Never be parked next to a Lexus Bangor, VW Oshkosh or Kia Reno.

Never will you pull up behind a Cadillac Yonkers, Toyota Toledo or Mitsubishi Omaha.

There’s a reason you will never see a Ford Nantucket, a Dodge Durham or any vehicle named after Texarkana, Peoria, Fort Wayne, Rhode Island, Schamburg or Boise.

You see I’ve got nothing against these places.  In fact I’ve been to many of them.  It’s just that their names don’t evoke a spirit of excitement, the thrill of wonder.

And I outta know as I grew up in a town called Wapakoneta—yet another never-used SUV name.

Drive safely.


2 Replies to “Never Used SUV Names”

  1. You would never see a Ford Florida. If you did, it would run on Gatorade, all the radio stations would be country, the hood ornament would be an alligator and would only be driven by grey-haired 80 year olds during the hours of 3 p.m. to 6 p.m, with the directional blinker on.

    1. Ladies & gentlemen, she’s here all week, two shows Saturday. Tip your wait staff. Good night!
      Very funny Margaret. Thanks for your comment!