Waiting Room Magazines

Waiting Room Magazines


Let’s get reading!

It would be difficult to estimate the number of hours you have spent in a waiting room over the years.

At the doctor’s office, the dentist, the eye doctor.  Waiting rooms in hospitals, banks, the mechanic or the tire store.

Throw in an icky health condition like MS, diabetes or heart issues and you have even more time spent in waiting rooms for specialists, treatments & therapy.


What to choose.

Likewise, it’s just as difficult to guess how many tired, dog-eared magazines you’ve looked through while waiting in those rooms.

Countless magazines…with address labels that have been blackened out with a marker or ripped off completely.  Torn, folded pages.  Pictures where someone used a pen to darken in the model’s teeth.  Crossword puzzles started but never finished.

More mags!

But you don’t care because you’ll read anything at this point.  You’ll read articles you could care less about.  No interest whatsoever, ‘cuz you’re just killing time till you can get the heck out of there.

As an example, here’s an estimate of how many articles I have read in waiting room magazines through the years.

I have read…



write-ups of the best new TV shows I’ll never watch.



articles with easy-breezy recipes for broasted pork.



stories about JLo’s six engagements to her soulmates (twice to the same guy).



horoscopes that never happened.



columns predicting Tom Brady’s retirement.



“how-to’s” turning a coat closet into a sun room.



stories touting health benefits of the “Kumquat Diet.”



profiles of “celebrities” I’ve never heard of.



advice columns telling me how to crochet my way to fortune using Etsy.



articles how to cut strokes to my golf game.



articles how to add strokes to my sex game.


I’ll be quite honest, I poke fun but reading these silly, mind-numbing magazines are FAR better than watching Dr. Phil on the waiting room television!

May your next time in the waiting room be quick, comfortable & filled with reading material from this decade.  Keep moving.


2 Replies to “Waiting Room Magazines”

  1. I don’t know about you, but since the pandemic, none of my waiting rooms have magazines anymore. When there were magazines, I would appreciate when the providers, had magazines in the exam rooms, because I would always have a wait, once I get back there too.

    Over the years, you would come to find out who had the best and worse magazines, There was one doctor, who only had Golf Magazine. I thought that was weird. My hairstylist had the best, all the current fashion magazines,

    When I used to drive, the Honda and Toyota dealerships had the best waiting rooms. They had the current magazines, copies of the daily paper, television, and free snacks, probably how I would imagine “craft services” on a movie set. They would have coffee , fruit, and fresh Bakery items. They even had a movie theater type popcorn machine. You knew if you were getting your car serviced, you didn’t need to eat breakfast. 🙂 My sister told me since the pandemic, unfortunately they no longer do that.

    1. Margaret,
      You like your magazines, don’t you! Thanks for your comment!