Sock Flop

Sock Flop



Stockinged feet have long been my preferred way to pad around the house.

They’re quick to put on, carefree & comfortable.

Clad only in socks, my feet would move from room to room with dancer’s grace.

No matter the surface.  From the plushness of carpet…to smooth hardwood…to cool tile, my feet were happy everywhere we went.


Then multiple sclerosis took over.


And over the years my stockinged feet became non-functional.

On hard surfaces they became like wearing tap shoes on an ice rink.  



My feet were all over the place.

Socks on a hard floor made it near impossible to keep my balance.

Always slipping.  Always sliding.

Thus, often falling on my backside.

It was extreme sock flop.


But from the ruins of defeet (misspelled on purpose), a new phase of MS life has emerged…

My Jitterbug is ringing!

I have moved from socks-only……to wearing slippers!

I’ve never been a slippers guy.

Slippers were what you bought Grandpa for Christmas.

(It’s why the holidays are the only time of year stores have those big slipper displays clogging the aisles.)

But due to the clumsiness of MS fumble-feet, slippers are now my go-to footwear.

Plus, the fact that MS has weakened my feet’s circulation.  So they get bone-cold in the winter.  Wearing slippers takes the frosty edge off my tootsies.

Added traction?  Check.

Warmth factor?  Check.

Your winner by unanimous decision…..Slippers!

Slipper’s cool–socks drool.

Yep, so I’m right there with you, Grandpa.  Slippers are my new jam.

Have you had similar problems wearing socks?  Do your feet seem to get extra cold like mine?  Let me know I’m not alone with a quick comment.

I chalk it up as another weird way multiple sclerosis has affected everyday life.

Slippers.  Man, next thing you know I’ll be hiking my pants up to my ribcage.

Keep moving.


2 Replies to “Sock Flop”

  1. I order these from Amazon. I find them to be comfy. They are thicker than the ones you get in the hospital. I no longer walk, but I still wear them every day.

    Pembrook Non Skid/Slip Socks – (2 Packs) – Hospital Socks – Fuzzy Slipper Gripper Socks
    One Size $11.95 They come in a variety of colors. I have every color except purple.

    P..S. I have the same floor as you in my kitchen! Is that luxury vinyl? If it is tile, it is the same pattern as my vinyl.

    1. Margaret,
      Thanks for your recommendation! ‘Fuzzy Slipper Gripper Socks’ are right up my alley!
      P.S. Yes, my floor is luxury vinyl. Everything in my life is luxury!