20 Jokes

20 Jokes




A recent news story detailed a man in Brazil (it’s always either Brazil or Florida) getting a 2kg dumbbell stuck in his rear end which was later removed by doctors.


In response here are twenty jokes by My Odd Sock.



1.  Made it harder to butt-dial.

2.  I’ve heard of butt-lifts but this is ridiculous.

3.  After his workout he waddled to the juice bar.

4.  The gym told him to keep the dumbbell.

5.  Gym chatter…”C’mon you got this–just one more rep!”

6.  No one would give him a spot.

7.  And he did it without a warm-up!

8.  Something weird happened doing crunches.

9.  Trainers said he used good form.

10. He’ll never again forget to pay his membership at Planet Fitness.

11. The dumbbell was fine–the chalk made it uncomfortable.

12. “2kg is my new max!”

13. That day he skipped cardio.

14. The man was heard saying “Y? Why did I join the Y?”

15. It’s the reason they’re not called “smart” bells.

16. Following member rules, when finished he wiped down the equipment.

17. And they called the Hindenburg tragic.

18. He didn’t shower for fear of rust.

19. It’s like attending a time-share presentation–easy going in, difficult getting out.

and finally,

20. Beat that Peloton!


There I did it.  Got it all out of my system.  And never will I mention this story again.  Thank you.


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