Some Days

Some Days


Here we go.

Some days you just wanna bitch to no one in particular.

(This is one of those days)

Some days I get so tired of doing what I can to hold off the steady grip MS has on my life.  Tired of the exercise & stretching to battle spasticity, only to have it come back later with a vengeance.

Some days I despise needles.  The shots.  The infusions.  The tests.  Botox.  Contrasts.  Some days I feel like a voodoo doll.


Some days I regret drinking all the water I must to keep from being constipated…then later, peeing myself trying to make it to the bathroom.

Some days I get angry at my stumbling feet.  My shuffling gait.  Uncertain if my next step will be safe & hazard-free.  I take very few steps per day yet my feet look worse than those of a marathon runner.  Buster Brown?…No, more like Buster Gross!

I love traveling & going places but some days (most often) unfolding my body after a long car ride is a difficult task.  (That, and I have to pee.)

Some days I tire of all the mobility crap I need.  Rollators upstairs, downstairs, in the garage.  A wheelchair fills the back hatch of my car.  And canes everywhere you look.  I would be Christmas for a scrap yard.

You already?



Some days I could care less about the Funny Meter pegging zero.



I prefer to sit on the floor so my legs can stretch out in front of me.  But some days getting up can be a struggle.

Some days I wish I could read more than a few pages of a book before dozing off.  (Or a blog, namely this one)

Some days I hate MS worse than others.  Nah, I take that back, I ALWAYS hate MS.

Some days (most days honestly) it’s frustrating not to be able to pitch in doing my share.  Lend a hand clearing the table.  Help a friend move.  Yark work.  There is always something to do–and I can’t help.  Seems I just get in the way.

I’m typically not one to complain about MS, but today it really gets my goat.

Some days are better than others, I suppose.  Here’s hoping your day is one of the better ones.

Keep moving.


8 Replies to “Some Days”

  1. Doug, you hit the nail on the head! I can agree with everything you said. I’ve been going through the same blah! This heat and humidity is a constant irritant. I’ve been trying so hard to pick myself up. I’m going to PT twice a week ( a summer thing for the past 5 years) as much as I hate to go, it’s worth it in the end! My hair and balance are my worst enemies. I decided yesterday— no more pity party. I’m looking for part time work and have 2 possibilities for a 60 year old has been. Keeping my head up and straight to continue on and move on with my life, alone after 39 years of marriage and losing both parents in 2020. I’m keeping on moving on! I’m all I have 😊 Love your blog‼️

    1. Joanne,
      So sorry to hear about your rough go of late. You always have a friend here-for what it’s worth. Congrats on your job possibilities. Nothing better than getting out & keeping busy. You go girl.

  2. I consider myself an “equal opportunity complainer”. I really am trying hard to let things go. I have reached the point in my MS progression where I can’t do things for myself. I don’t like the way my assistant brushes my teeth or washes my hair. If I do say something, he will fire back “well get someone else to do it”. The problem is you will never find someone to do something as good as you can do it yourself. So I just need to tell myself not to say anything and just appreciate the fact that I have people to help me.

    1. Margaret,
      After so many years with MS I too try to limit my complaining. I still get angry though (to myself mostly) & throw swear words like a drunken sailor as I did last night falling over on the front porch trying to get in the house. If you listened closely you would have heard quite a few f-words. (I am trying to limit my frustrated anger at MS) My best to you!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog today, MS Lifeline 29 Resons I’m Grateful for MS article. Look forward to seeing more.

    1. Cathlene,
      Welcome to My Odd Sock. Read on and begin to notice your brain cells dropping like flies. Thanks for visiting & feel free to check in again with a comment! Best to you.