Spreading germs properly.

Now that mask mandates are being lifted faster than a Kardashian tummy-tuck, only one question remains.

What are you to do with all those leftover masks?

You can’t donate them.  And they won’t sell at a rummage sale.  So masks have become useless unless you are involved with the Gambino crime family, right?

Not so, my friend as My Odd Sock is here to offer a few crafty ideas of what to do with leftover masks.

So clever, they’ll make Martha Stewart gush with envy.

Let’s get started…..

Bald Spot Sun Bonnet

Looking like Bret Michaels!

Shower Caddy


M&M Serving Dish

One serving–get your own!

Double-Chin Sling

Eating too many damn M&Ms.

Parachute for Pastel Police

Military’s most fashionable unit.

Banana Hammock

A relaxed perishable.

Beer Holster

A handy spare indeed!

and lastly…

Toilet Paper Holder

Now I’ll never run out!


6 Replies to “Maskpalooza”

  1. I apologize for my mind wandering off into the gutter. A “banana hammock” can have another meaning and I think a mask can be used for that too. Just put your legs though the elastic earpieces, and adjust the fabric piece over the front. Sold in Europe only and one size does NOT fit all.

    1. Margaret,
      Leave it to you for taking this class-act blog down like the Titanic. I have heard about you Florida gals! I appreciate your visits & comments…painful as a root canal.
      Keep moving!

    1. Thanks for your kinds words….I accept monetary gifts as well (for next time).
      You & Dan are the best! Keep fighting the fight!