Finders Cheapers

Finders Cheapers


Hello there!

Well lookie there.  My lucky day.

A crumpled dollar bill at my feet.

With no one around I was forced to claim it as my own.

What to do with my new-found windfall?

Hmm, I could buy a lottery ticket and dream big.

Or I could spend my single tender on something small & satisfying.

But where does one get the most for their money, I pondered.

I wasn’t sure so my spend-thrift journey began.

Gotta be here.


My first stop was a place called Save-A-Lot.

With a name like Save-A-Lot, I imagined many great values on everything I needed.

And values there were.

But there was no way I would spend my buck at the first stop—I mean, you have to shop around, right?

Now THIS sounds promising!




Maybe a place called Five Below would have something better!

Indeed, like the name says, they had good stuff at five dollars & below, but my heart just wasn’t sold so onward I shopped.


Here we go!



Ah yes, Dollar General!  A dollar store was JUST what I was looking for.

Inside was filled with lots of goodies–and in my price range too.  But what’s with that name…Dollar General?

“General” sounds so military-ish.  So strict.  Stand-up straight.  No hunching over their tiny, baby-doll sized shopping carts at the General.

Feeling pressured, I left to continue my search.


Being a “family-man”


When lo & behold there was Family Dollar.  Of course!

Who wouldn’t shop at a place special for families?

Family “stuff” for just a buck.  My heart swelled.

But then I remembered I really didn’t love my family THAT much…so I left.


This is it–I know it.


Next stop was Dollar Tree.

I get it…money grows on trees…Dollar Tree.

It made perfect sense (or should I say “cents?”)

And let me add I did not have to far as Family Dollar and Dollar Tree…were right NEXT DOOR to eachother!


Battling neighbors!

What business genius thought this would be a good idea?

BOTH stores selling the same crap–for the same price.  Do shoppers really prefer one or the other?  How so? 


Does Dollar Tree offer fewer screaming toddlers?  Does Family Dollar have less carboard trashing the aisles?

I don’t know.  I don’t understand the logic.




And with that I decided to do the smart thing and put the new-found dollar in my wallet nested next to a well-worn business card of someone I don’t remember.

There my dollar will stay till I find the perfect treasure.

Spend wisely, my friend.






5 Replies to “Finders Cheapers”

  1. You may already know you will get the most value at Dollar Tree where EVERYTHING is one dollar. In Family Dollar and Dollar General, everything is NOT one dollar.

  2. I hit enter by mistake before I finished my comment. There are some things I always buy at the Dollar Tree. I always go in planning to spend ten dollars. Some things I buy “just because it is one dollar”. I think you spent ten dollars in gas driving around.

    1. Margaret,
      One might think I drove for miles for this piece, but no, in my town dollar stores are everywhere. I call them the “dandelions of retail.”
      Thank you for your comment & attention to my frivolity!

      1. Doug,
        I was thinking, all the stores you mentioned are about 5 minutes from my house with the exception of “five Below”. Never been in one. They have not been in Jacksonville that long and they are not near my house. I looked online and Jacksonville only has 3. I’m not sure of the math, but I would estimate them to be about 20 minutes from each other. Jacksonville is a BIG city.