Good Stuff In–Good Stuff Out

Good Stuff In–Good Stuff Out


I may get somewhat preachy here–so beware.


Every single one of us looks for the magic pill…the infusion-palooza…the divine answer to slaying the MS monster.  We know a cure doesn’t exist yet we search anyway.  (No harm in looking, right?)

Because MS has a mind all its own, best you can do is saddle-up & hang on for the ride.

Though there are some simple steps you can take to make the ride less bumpy.

I’ll share my MS philosophy.  It’s nothing Earth shattering, really.  Just straight-forward advice…

Is it THAT easy?


You put good stuff in…you get good stuff out.

What am I talking about?


Good Stuff In includes:

Good Food.

Good Thoughts.

Good work.


Good Food

I’m not talking about some crazy diet here.  Just make better choices.  More grilled, less fried.  Get your fruits & veggies each day.  Snack on some nuts you nut–almonds especially.  You don’t have to completely eliminate the sweet treats–just limit them.  Swill more water instead of soda.  And don’t eat after 7pm if at all possible.  You want to wake up hungry!

Good Thoughts

I struggle with this the most.  Don’t let the dark clouds swirl.  Think on the positive.  Don’t dwell on the past OR the future.  Make today special for you–better yet, for someone else.  Compliment someone–make them feel good & so will you.  Remember there is always someone worse off.  So grab the day & make the most of it.

Good Work

Move it.  Get up.  Walk.  Dance.  Swing your arms.  Reach.  Stretch those numb legs & feet.  Sit outside in the fresh air.  Listen to the birds instead of your phone.  Make silly faces to tighten the muscles of your grill.  Work your brain.  Do a puzzle.  Read.  Learn something new.  Do some math.  Do some more…and then get up & move again.  You don’t need a gym.  Just work it.  Phew!


And now, Good Stuff Out includes…

Do I really have to tell you what you get in return?

Better sleep.  Stronger mind & body.  Less spasms.  Less constipation.  Healthier glow.  A bigger, brighter smile.  You will hold your head up.  Feel more content.  Confident.  Positive.  More energy.  Less fatigue.  Better balance.  Less spasticity.  More appeal.  People will want to be around you.  Look up to you.

You will be amazed at all the good stuff you will get in return!

All hail My Odd Sock!

All this worldly advice.

You probably think I’m some great emancipator.  A legend of light.  A Sock Shaman, if you will.

But I didn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know.

You had the knowledge in your head all this time.

You know the right thing to do.

Now just get started.


Meager offering.



I knew I should have passed the plate BEFORE giving you the pitch.

At this rate I’ll never be able to build my crystal cathedral.

Oh well.

Keep moving.





4 Replies to “Good Stuff In–Good Stuff Out”

  1. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but I put all the good stuff in, and don’t seem to get any good stuff out. I tell my doctors, and anyone else who will listen, that nothing is 100%. If something is 99% effective, I am always that 1%. Totally off topic, but I just thought of something my Mother, who passed away 11 years ago, always told me, ” if you are going to be on the sh@t list, you better be number one on it”. 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      You are right, nothing is 100%. There are days I am struggling, fumbling through everything, cursing MS & all the time I have “wasted” in the fight, when my wife said “Yes but think of how it might be if you didn’t do the work?”
      Keep fighting & moving what you can. It will be worth your effort.

  2. I have to agree with Margaret here 100%. No matter what, I try to send out good thoughts and vibes. Wether or not, getting any back. Everyone likes good stuff, anytime! Keep on keeping on Doug . Thanks for the read

    1. Joanne,
      Thank you for your comment. Putting forth our best effort is all we can do. Try, try & try again. Cuss it, but don’t give in. Best to you.