Grocery Goofs

Grocery Goofs


Grab a cart!


It has the title “Grocery Goofs” because this post is nothing more than me rolling through a grocery store poking fun at items on the shelf.

And that is WAY shorter than calling it “Me Rolling Through a Grocery Store Poking Fun at Items on The Shelf.”

Grab a cart and let’s go shopping.  You push…


Cat fight.



Sitting side-by-side on the shelf, Mrs. Butterworth’s & Aunt Jemima tolerate one another, but that doesn’t mean they like each other.



Woody maybe, but not Buzz!



Who would have guessed Buzz Lightyear wore Pull-Ups?

“Defender of the Universe” has bladder issues.




Spice is nice.




Huh, “dill weed” was also my nickname in Jr. High.



Making me nuts.



Quite possibly the dumbest name for a brand of coffee.

Shouldn’t it be “Chock full o’ (coffee) Beans?”

No wonder everyone switched to a Keurig.



Oh it has issues.



Tell me this product doesn’t have self-esteem issues.

It’s a nut.  It’s a flake.  It’s unsweetened and organic.

Plus, oh how I love sulfites in my coconut flakes!



Dumb it down.



For people who haven’t mastered use of the measuring cup.

God help us.



PG-13 rated.



“Extra Virgin”–this Olive Oil isn’t even old enough to date.

Lid so tight good luck getting it opened.







Because real fruit has such inconvenient, awkward shapes.



Needs a lot of help.



From the package I assume this product doesn’t need any meat added since the glove guy is missing a finger.



Maybe they like toilet paper.



Finally, what is with Charmin’s obsession with bears?

Could a whole marketing campaign be based on the adage “Does a bear sh** in the woods?”

Really?  I’m baffled.



It has been fun going up & down each aisle.  Looking.  Taking pictures.  Not buying a single thing.  I am surprised I wasn’t searched by security.  At least not THIS time.  No wonder I’m not allowed to go to the store with my wife.

I’ll be in the car.  Meantime, keep moving.




4 Replies to “Grocery Goofs”

  1. I hope when you were out, you picked up something for that itchy rash. #cooties

    1. Margaret,
      Thank you for your comment & thanks for your concern of my skin condition.

  2. I have to agree with all this nonsense. I too, do not understand the “bear using toilet paper” What’s next? Thanks for the smile as always 🤗

    1. Thank you Joanne! You should begin to worry if you are thinking like me.