Socknac the Magnificent

Socknac the Magnificent


My fav

Johnny Carson will forever be my comedy idol.

Delivery so smooth.  Wit razor sharp.  Often he was at his funniest when the joke was a dud (which was a rarity).

As a kid I struggled to stay up (with permission) to watch him non-school nights.  As an adult I struggled to stay up because, well, it was 11:30.  But that is not my point.

Johnny Carson performed many characters during the show, my favorite of which was “Carnac the Magnificent.”

The great Carnac was an eastern sooth-sayer who would reveal answers to questions found in “hermetically-sealed” envelopes.


Low budget rip off.

In a lame tribute to Johnny Carson & Carnac, My Odd Sock presents the MS version known as….

“Socknac the Magnificent”


You will be shown two pictures.  In the first, the great Socknac will reveal the answer.  Followed by the second picture sharing the question from the Doug-spit sealed envelope.

Hold all throwing of tomatoes till the end, please.



Answer #1




Question #1









Answer #2




Question #2










Answer #3




Question #3









Answer #4




Question #4










Answer #5




Question #5










Answer #6




Question #6









Answer #7




Question #7









And finally (Thankfully) the last envelope…..


Answer #8





Question #8









Told ya.








4 Replies to “Socknac the Magnificent”

  1. Remember the envelopes were” kept in a #2 mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall’s back porch since noon”

    Back in the 1970’s my sister and I were visiting cousins in California and had tickets for a taping of the Johnny Carson show. When we got to NBC we found out that taping was suspended because NBC was airing the Watergate trials. #showpreempted #nothinghaschanged

    1. Margaret,
      Yes I remember that…good memory on your part.
      Aw, what a shame. That would have been so cool! Thanks for sharing!