As The Myelin Fades

As The Myelin Fades

Let us revisit the original episode of “As The Myelin Fades” as a new version is in the works…




As you know, multiple sclerosis is a disease of intrigue.

A daily barrage of quirks.  An aberration of normalcy.

Complete with the twists and turns of a bad TV soap opera.






With that in mind, My Odd Sock is not so proud to present the first (and hopefully last) soap opera episode of an MS original…..

“As the Myelin fades.”





It was the typical busy day at the MS clinic.  Patients, appointments, treatments, questions, conferences–nothing a dashing, young physician couldn’t handle.


Quality, compassionate care.
Quality, compassionate care.


He was Dr. Scott Benton, Chief Neurologist at MSrUS, the leading MS facility in all of Dubuque Metro.


He cracked the door to observe his next patient, a female in her early 30s.


“Come in doctor” she said.  “But watch that door–its cracked.”

“That’s quite all right, they don’t make’em like they use to” he said looking into the brown eyes of Carol Lemont, choir director at Our Lady of the Evening church.

“Ms. Lemont?”

“Yes.  Call me Carol, please.”

“Certainly.  So, Carol Please, how can I help you?” he asked.

“Well, Dr. Benton, it’s my hands.  Lately my MS has been causing severe cramping in my fingers, making it impossible to…”

“…Make beautiful music together?” he said, finishing her thought.

“No, direct the choir” she answered emphatically.

“Yes, of course” he said, examining her hands with a warm, delicate touch,


Suddenly a knock at the door interrupted the examination.


Starring as "Ty Sabri"
Starring as “Ty Sabri”

It was Ty, the hunky staff CNP.

Dr. Benton asked him to join them.  Introductions were made.

“Ty, this is my patient, Ms. Lemont.”

“I’m delighted” she said extending her hand.

“Hello Delighted, nice to see you again.  I’m Ty.”

“Ty Sabri, of course, I thought I recognized you” she recalled.



“Do you two know each other?” quizzed Dr. Benton.

Ty and Carol went on to describe their previous affair.  

Drip, drip.
Drip, drip.


It was a two-year, on-again, off-again once-a-month rendezvous.

An infusion of medicine all thanks to Ty’s sharp needling.

“Does it truly matter?” they asked Benton in unison.

“We’ll let the MRI decide” answered the doctor.

“Right now?” Carol exclaimed.

“Yes, you can roll now or you can rollator!”

“Doctor, a mobility aid?  Really?”


You need this product!
You need this product!



Carol, Ty and Doctor Benton stared at one another in disbelief as music swells indicating we take a break for a commercial message for a household cleanser that’s safe for the environment.



Phew, this break couldn’t come at a better time as this post was dragging like a dead fish!

But in all honesty, that’s how life can be when you are dealing with multiple sclerosis.


Full of plot twists.

Just like the soap opera…”As the Myelin fades.”

Here’s hoping your MS adventure is positive with plenty of commercial breaks.
















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