As The Myelin Fades–Episode #2

As The Myelin Fades–Episode #2


You didn’t ask for it, but I promised it was coming.

The following sad saga captures the raw emotion, the ups & downs, the unpredictability of chronic disease.

It is the long awaited second installment of the only soap opera written specifically for multiple sclerosis.

My Odd Sock presents…..

Colons begin to rumble.



“As The Myelin Fades-Episode #2”


It was not unlike any other day at MSrUs, the leading MS clinic in Dubuque Metro.

Preferred by lesions of patients.


Patients lobbied in the lobby reading dated, dogeared magazines while waiting for their appointed appointments when through the sliding door entered Carla “Cookie” McManus.

The 40ish brunette was statuesque, both in beauty AND spasticity.

Stiff as a statue she made her way to the reception desk.

“Hello, I’m Carla McManus here for a 1pm with Mr. I?”

“Hmm, we don’t have anyone on staff by that name” said the clerk.

“May I see your order?”

Carla handed over the letter.

“Oh, I see the problem, it’s not a one o’clock with Mr. I but a 1pm M-R-I.”

Both chuckled at the mixup.

“It is simply a misplaced period” said the receptionist.

“Yes I’ve missed my share through the years” Carla added.


“Oh nothing.”

“Be seated and someone will be with you.”

Water or vodka?


Just then the young, handsome & dashing Dr. Scott Benton entered the lobby, catching Carla’s roving eye.

“Does this belong to you?” he said to her.

“Oops sorry, falls out all the time” Carla explained inserting the glass sphere back into its socket.

“Come on back.  We need to chat” said Dr. Benton leading her to his office.

“Please have a seat.”

“Oh no thank you I have plenty of chairs at home.

“Well then please sit.  I’m Dr. Scott Benton, Chief Neurologist here at the clinic.  At least that’s what it says on my badge.”

“I’m Carla McManus.  You can call me, Cookie.”


“Yes…and no thanks, I just had lunch.”

Dr. Benton turned and placed the Oreos back on his desk.

“Look, Carla, I believe we have a problem here.  We called you in for an MRI to confirm your spasticity is the result of multiple sclerosis.”

Carla was devastated.

“MS?  Wha?  How?  What does this mean, doctor?  Paralysis?  Disability?

“Eh, nah, no.  Heavens don’t worry about that.  But an MS diagnosis means something much more traumatic.”

Carla was beside herself with confusion.

“What is it, doctor?  Please tell me,” she begged.

Hesitant to answer, Dr, Benton stuttered…”Well, it, it, it means…it means a lifetime of donation requests from the Society.  I’m sorry to break it to you this way.”

“Dear God, the humanity” Carla shreaked.

Please excuse our mess.


By now most of you have removed yourself to the nearest facility.

Which means it is best to end this debacle episode of “As The Myelin Fades.”

Feel free to submit your critiques, storylines & Pulitzer nominations by means of a comment.  Thank you.






5 Replies to “As The Myelin Fades–Episode #2”

  1. I think Carla also needs to see her ophthalmologist about that roving eye! What kind of Oreos ?

  2. Carla may also need to see her OBGYN . I think she may be pregnant ! I see an “As the Myelin Fades ” – Episode #3 coming soon . # who’sthebabydaddy