Not The Only One

Not The Only One



Welcome back, My Odd Sock!
Welcome back, My Odd Sock!



I tend to forget.  A lot.

I don’t put the entire blame on icky MS.  Just some of it.

Most I owe to a lack of perspective.

A lapse of judgement.

A brain fart, if you will.



Because after living with multiple sclerosis for 19 years now, I have forgotten how my disease affects others close to me.

That point was reintroduced to me recently (Yes, I was aware of it before—but it slipped my empty head).


I was reminded that MS affects a person’s entire family.

Not just the lucky soul who enjoys lounging in an MRI from time to time.


Everyone has MS.
Everyone has MS.


You see, when you have MS….so does your spouse, your kids, parents, siblings and anyone close to you.


They live with MS through you.

When you have a good day, they do as well.

The same goes for those days when things aren’t so good.


They feel it when you fall.  Struggle to lift your foot into a car.  Or hold onto a dinner fork.

They feel your fatigue, spasticity and pain.


They know.

So don’t you forget, like I did.


Making the best of your MS situation will not only be better for you, but also for your entire family.

Keep moving.


P.S.  The above post was written by some Dr. Phil wanna-be.  My Odd Sock channeling Dr. Drew through a Baclofen overdose.  May the true, snarky My Odd Sock return soon!




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  1. Kim,
    Thanks for your comment. I would make a good Dr. Phil because we have the same hairline!