Sweeping Stupidity

Sweeping Stupidity


As humans, we are inherently lazy.

We want the simplest way to reach our ulitmate goal.

Now don’t get me wrong, our laziness has led to greatness!  Were it not for laziness, we would have never discovered how to illuminate, to fly or to heal.

Many of today’s modern convienences have been created thanks to our overwhelming human nature to find the easiest way possible.


Our innovative downfall.
Our innovative downfall.



Most, like the washing machine or microwave oven, have been a godsend to our lifestyle.


But one in particular…the robotic vacuum, leaves me scratching my head.




Robot vacuums have been around for several years.  But they really seem to get peddled heavy during the holiday season.

The ads were filled with robots that mopped, sweeped & mostly sucked.


I figure the target consumer for a robotic vacuum is:



And has no friggin idea what to get his spouse.

He believes he is giving a thoughtful gift that will save time.

Meanwhile, the spouse is thinking…”What the hell am I gonna do with this?”



Robot vacuum about to attack.
Robot vacuum about to attack.


As for saving time, a robot vacuum, Roomba or whatever, can sweep an entire room in two to three hours.  Something I can do in 15-20 minutes…and I’m disabled!

Additionally, the price to have a robot scoop up your toaster crumbs is not cheap.  Most are about $250.  While some of the fancier models are upwards of five to six hundred bucks or more!



Heck, I can save that kind of money picking up the crumbs stuck to my bare feet!


I'm not your mother, George!
I’m not your mother, George!



Keep in mind, a robotic vacuum is not like Rosie from “The Jetson’s.”

It doesn’t talk, think or answer—it simply sucks.


And for that I’ll stick with my Hoover.










One Reply to “Sweeping Stupidity”

  1. I’m so with you on this Doug. Another stupid invention to promote laziness. I, myself need major back surgery after vacuuming but that’s after most physical activity. We have to suck it up and move on; I would think that would be much easier for people without ms. I’ll trade, gladly!