Worst Toys of 2015

Worst Toys of 2015



The very worst indeed!
The very worst indeed!


Still shopping for last-minute holiday toys for little Johnny or Suzie?

Well keep looking as My Odd Sock presents the “Worst Toys of 2015.”


Just what every kid doesn’t need—we got’em right here!



Not that one kid!
Not that one kid!



Let’s begin with what could be the unsafest toy in the store…the Giant-Sized Jumbling Tower.

What fun watching your child being crushed beneath a falling tower of hardwood!

Sorry Aiden, you’ve chosen the wrong block to remove, so now we are predicting severe head trauma to you & anyone within earshot of the words…“Timber!”


The Giant Jumbling Tower is just $44, and only at Target.

(Hard-hat sold separately)



You can jump but you can't run!
You can jump but you can’t run!




Next, we have the absolute best toy for the child who tends to run away.


This trampoline/enclosure keeps little Tyler where you want him.  And the open top makes it easy to throw stuff into the enclosure at feeding time.





Don't feed the T-Rex!
Don’t feed the T-Rex!




Here’s a toy teaching youngsters what NOT to do with a dinosaur.



This child is about to lose his hand in the mouth of the mechanical T-Rex.


It’s good fun…..at the moment.



"What do we do with these?"
“What do we do with these?”



How about a little game fun?

Wait, what’s a game?

Do kids know how to play games anymore?

“Mom, where the controller for this?”

“If I lose do I get another life?”

“How do you kill zombies with this?”



Sweet!  Rock out!
Sweet! Rock out!



Here you go…give’em music!

Nothing like another kid-band.

Eat your heart out Biebs as Kmart gets pint-sized rockers started with everything they need…except a chronic drug habit!




Cheap & sleezy.
Cheap & sleezy.



…..And what’s a band without groupies!


Kmart sells them as well!


These young ladies are ready to party with the band after the concert.



Lookin huge Bro!
Lookin huge Bro!




WWE fans, Kmart makes the holidays bright with these 31-inch tall figures of your favorite stars of the ring.



And to ensure your wrestler stays pumped for the season, each figure comes with a syringe of PED’s!




I-I can't breath El-Elmo!
I-I can’t breath El-Elmo!




The little ones on your list will be sure to love “Choke Hold Elmo” err, I mean “Big Hugs Elmo.”


Elmo goes straight for the throat with every warm greeting!


“Hey, let go Elmo, you’re crushing my windpipe!”




"Fight in Cell Block C"
“Fight in Cell Block C”



Finally, last on our list of “Worst Toys of 2015” is this jail-cell play set.


It’s a realistic way of teaching creative play of the cell-block.


Kids learn how to trade smokes for magazines.

Build their very own shiv.

And learn the art of self-tattooing.

True-life skills for convicts of the future!



Well that’s it in our search for the “Worst Toys of 2015.”

It’s also the last new My Odd Sock for the season.

Hope you have a great holiday and we’ll see you in the new year!





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  1. Merry Christmas Odd Sock! Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the simpler, happy times? I say it over and over again, most modern technology is NOT our friend.