What’s Going On Here?

What’s Going On Here?


What's Going on Here








Time to answer the question on everyone’s mind….”What’s Going On Here?”

My Odd Sock presents five different pictures along with several descriptions of what may be happening in each picture.

Your task is to choose the summary that best describes “What’s Going On Here?”


Let’s get started…



woman water aerobics

Picture #1


What’s going on here?


A)  Amelia Earhart finally reaching shore.

B)  An MSer enjoying water aerobics.


C)  Someone should check the chlorine/Ph level of the pool.







Guy Boxing

Picture #2


What’s going on here?


A)  An MS patient warming up before his workout.

B)  A man waging war on multiple sclerosis.


C)  An MSer punching himself silly after getting no answers from his neurologist.





Woman on rollator

Picture #3


What’s going on here?


A)  Two friends chatting in the neighborhood.

B)  An MSer taking a break during a morning stroll.


C)  An MSer moments before screaming as she wildly careens out of control on a downhill freefall while seated on her rollator.  RIP.




Man and disappointed woman

Picture #4


What’s going on here?


A)  Man apologizes after spending savings on shit from QVC.

B)  An emotional scene from the latest Viagra commercial.


C)  An MSer learning Tecfidera treatments cost over 50 thousand dollars a year.




Woman yawningPicture #5

What’s going on here?

A)  A female reads My Odd Sock.

B)  A woman experiencing MS fatigue.


C)  A female MSer getting fatigued while reading My Odd Sock.



That’s all the time we have.

Join us again next time for more “What’s Going On Here?”





3 Replies to “What’s Going On Here?”

  1. Picture #4 A man consoling his wife, after she finds out “Honey Boo Boo” has been cancelled. 🙂