A Fresh Perspective

A Fresh Perspective


Everyone needs a attitude adjustment from time to time.  I know I do.

Little did I expect mine to occur during a dinner party with friends.


Donna was sitting in the kitchen involved in a lively discussion.  She was bubbly & engaging.  Quick to laugh and smile brightly.

She was a petite, retired school teacher in her mid 60’s with curly brown hair, glasses and wearing lots of bling.

But her jewelry wasn’t what sparkled most—it was her attitude.  

And I was smitten.


Oh, did I tell you?  Donna also has ALS.


We spoke at length that evening.  First in the kitchen–she, sitting in a wheelchair while I stood, propped up by my canes, leaning against a cabinet like a house plant.

Later at dinner, we were seated together in a “handicap section” of the dining room.

We compared our “sclerosis'” and talked about treatments.  We discussed wall-walking and leg spasms.  

I learned ALS affects more men than women.  And she learned MS affects more females than males.  Weird how that works, we joked.


Despite a bleak future, Donna’s outlook was remarkable.

She wasn’t bitter but takes joy in every moment.

She says she does what she can each day.  Doesn’t dwell on the “what was” of the past or thinks about what her future holds.

Donna is occupied in the moment.  (And at that moment, she had to endure my bad breath & poor table manners.)


It is perspective like her’s that you & I can use to make it through a difficult day, a rough time or a physical setback.

Even she said “There are people far worse off than me.”

Damn straight, Donna!


Now that’s a fresh perspective I can live with.




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