Twenty Things Not To Say To Someone With MS.

Twenty Things Not To Say To Someone With MS.



When you have multiple sclerosis, people say the darndest things.

Most comments we hear are spoken with honest concern.  But some speak with blatant ignorance.


I’ve made up this list of “Twenty Things Not To Say”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you have heard these comments or something like them.





“Dang, it gets worse, then better, worse, then better.  Bet you wish MS would make up its mind.”




“You are SO lucky.  Now you get all the up-close parking.”



“If you tell your boss, he might feel guilty and give you a raise.”



“My Aunt’s friend has MS.  I guess she’s bad, real bad.”



“I don’t want to sound ignorant, but you’re not contagious are you?”



“Wow, you must have really ticked Him off!”





“When they put you on steroids, do you get all big & stuff?”



“Surely they’ll find a cure.  Maybe not in your lifetime–but someday.”




“I’ll bet MS is a great way to get out of obligations.  Wish I’d thought of that.”



“Has your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse left you yet?



“So do they have one of those sad telethons for MS?”



(To someone in a wheelchair)…”Well, think positive.  Look at the wear & tear you save on shoes.”




“Starve a cold.  Feed a fever.  What do you do for MS…drink?”



Multiple sclerosis?  Why looking at you I wouldn’t guess you have a single, solitary sclerosis.”




“Have you got a wheelchair yet?  Those motorized ones are sweet!”



(To someone using forearm crutches)…”Last year I was on crutches for 3 days so I know exactly what you’re going through.”



“The way you walk, you should dress as a zombie for Halloween.”



“Sorry to hear about the MS.  Hey, you want to sell your snow skis?  I mean, you won’t be using them anymore, right?”





“Cool, now you get MRI’s like the big-time athletes!”



“MS?  Oh you look fine.  Try one of those little energy drinks.  They’ll perk you up.”




Go ahead and share with us some of the silly things people have said to you.

I’m sure you’ve heard some doozies!

Till next time, keep moving.