Bathroom Innovation

Bathroom Innovation

Who says you can’t build a better mousetrap?



wet wipes



I haven’t been this excited about something new since the Wet Wipe!

(The Wet Wipe has changed the way millions of people tidy up after number two)


Being rather fastidious about my choppers, I’ve been an avid flosser for a long time now.

I became quite studied in knowing exactly how much floss I needed to expertly wind between my index fingers with the precision of a Persian rug weaver.




But as my MS has progressed…and my balance has gotten as meager as interest rates on a savings account, the two-handed attempt at flossing (or anything needing two hands has gone away like the leisure suit).



Either a dental flosser..or a bass guitar for a munchkin.
Either a dental flosser..or a bass guitar for a munchkin.



Well, thank the good Lord, the Tooth Fairy or whomever came up with the idea for the hand-held tooth flosser!


Now those who are balance impaired can floss with one hand while holding on with the other!

No more leaning forward and smacking your face on the mirror while you try to floss those back molars.





Ninja death implement.
Ninja death implement.



These little gems even come with this menacing, retractable plastic pick.


Not so sure how one would use this.

If you have something that large stuck between your teeth, maybe you should consider orthodontics—-or a liquid diet!




Teeth so large--beavers are envious.
Teeth so large–beavers are envious.


Best of all, the tooth flossers substantially reduce the amount of “floss fling.”

(“Floss fling” is the stuff that gets catapulted onto the bathroom mirror during the flossing process.)


So while I enjoy my newfound bathroom innovation, I encourage you to give them a try.

May the floss be with you.





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