Disabled, Not Stupid

Disabled, Not Stupid

When one has disabilities of any kind, he or she may depend upon gizmos or gadgets to make life easier.

Certainly as a fella with multiple sclerosis, I have more than my share of mobility aids, braces, special adapters & what not.

But I recently came across something I DON”T need.  No one needs it for that matter.

So ridiculous I have to share it with you.

Introducing Dream Products’ “Glide & Glow”…..


The ad says…

“Like Headlights For Your Walker.”


A seat on my walker?  I can use that.

A sachel bag to carry stuff?  Brilliant.  Gimme one.

But headlights?  Pass.  I think I’ll flick on a lamp.

Besides, headlights are just a source of more  problems….ie–switching from high to low beams with oncoming traffic.

And, are you required to have your headlights on in the rain?

Oh, this isn’t the first attempt to revolutionize the way we go-go with our walkers.


Maybe you remember the ill-fated combination snow-blower/walker of a few years ago.

It was a novel idea, but it just never took off.


Looking further into the ad, you notice this guy is going places.

It’s so nice of FDR to model the “Glide & Glow.”

Hope those things are grounded for going through a puddle.

Can you hear the conversations…..

Kid-  “Mom, Grandpa’s on the go again!”

Mom-  “Dad, it’s 2:30 in the morning.  Your breakfast with the boys isn’t till 8.  Go back to bed!”

At least with the “Glide & Glow” all dementia patients can now escape the nursing home safely.

Free Gift

For more deets, be sure to visit the Dream Products website.

It’s a dream all right….more like a nightmare!

My only hope is that the “Free Surprise Gift” is a loaded gun so I can blow my brains out for ordering the “Glide & Glow!”

Anyway, maybe this product is just what you need.  It’s simply not for me.

Remember, I’m disabled, not stupid.


2 Replies to “Disabled, Not Stupid”

  1. Had to take a peek at the website. Never got past the homepage before deciding it was a waste of time. Logged off and never looked back……….