Ah-merican Proud!

Ah-merican Proud!

eagle-flag_nate_smThroughout history America has had it’s share of inventor visionaries…

Ben Franklin (Bifocals)?  Didn’t see it coming.

Robert Fulton (Steamboat)?  His ship has sailed.

Alexander Graham Bell (Telephone)?  His number is no longer in service.

Because these fellas & their discoveries pale in comparison to one man in Ohio who’s dream is building the world’s largest beer bong.

Beer BongThe beer bong is constructed of PVC pipe (known for transporting sewage, waste water and/or beer) & hoses capable of serving a world-record 300 thirsty people at one time.

Four & a half kegs of Milwaukee’s best fill this amazing machine.

Then each hose will deliver a standard pint of beer to every open-mouth participant.

Later surely will be the world’s longest line for the toilet!


Yes, it’s a proud day to be an American!

It’s powerful, inspired thinking such as this that stretches the mind to further reaches & higher aspirations!

Tom Edison

Thomas Alva Edison (Lightbulb)?  Pffft, who names their kid “Alva”?

The Wright brothers (Airplane)?  Orv & Wil, you’ve been bumped.

And, Samuel Morse (Morse Code)?  Better send an SOS.

‘Cause the world’s largest beer bong is here to quench our thirst for innovation.

Drink up.


3 Replies to “Ah-merican Proud!”

  1. This beer bong reminds me of those cow feeding systems you would see when you visited a dairy as a field trip when we were kids.