(Rollator) Wheels of Justice

(Rollator) Wheels of Justice

Please enjoy this legal redo of an older My Odd Sock!

scales of justiceRelax in front of your television any weekday and it will surely happen within five or ten minutes.

Poop cramp? you ask.

No silly.  I’m talking about seeing a TV commercial from a legal eagle proclaiming your rights to a disability claim.

I deserve it!  (So the ad says)

Then the lawyer, standing before an American flag wearing a snappy suit from Men’s Warehouse, points his finger and says “No fee unless YOU win!”

It’s like the guy is staring right at me through my TV!

He knows I am not working.

He knows I am aggravated because he has interrupted my re-run of “The Facts of Life.”  (Tootie was about to return Blair’s shoes she had borrowed!)

The claim game
The claim game

Their messages are relentless.

And after seeing them, I feel like a piece of crap.  (Which explains why I rarely watch TV during the day!)

I didn’t consult a lawyer for my disability claim.  Just filled out the paperwork and soon was “awarded” my gimp status the very first time I applied.

I thought the reason was because  my “excellent essay answers” sealed the deal.

Or maybe it was the three doctors who filed reports on my behalf.

Later, I heard because of the work done by the National MS Society, every MSer who applies is approved.

So who knows.

I just don’t like the way the whole disability game is portrayed by law firms in their advertising.


Here is an ad.  I love how the ad states “Win $$.”

Like those of us on disability have acquired a huge windfall!

Frankly, if it wasn’t for my spouse, I would be living in a refrigerator box under a highway overpass!

If I want to “Win $$”….I’ll go on a game show thank you very much.


Here is another swell claim from a lawyer ad.

“We do whatever it takes to win your case!”  Gee, that sounds illegal doesn’t it?  If doing whatever it takes involves threats, bribes or car bombs—just leave me out of it please.

So, I ask you, what were your thoughts during your disability claim?  Did you need to consult an attorney?  Have you had any problems since?

Your wisdom & experience may be just what another MSer needs to hear as they begin the process!

Case dismissed.


johnnie cochran

As the rhyming Johnnie Cochran would say…”If he’s got a limp–he must be a gimp!”

6 Replies to “(Rollator) Wheels of Justice”

  1. Actually, I probably beat you in getting disability insurance — 10 days!! I was super prepared — no lawyer — did it all online, printed it out, color coded each area, put each folder into a larger accordion file and had three of those. I was thorough and honest — but a little stupid. I used my last day of work as my date of disability, so I got no back pay. Yes, those lawyers on TV make it sound as if we’ll be millionaires — LOL, I get such a small pittance! I’d do anything to be working again!

  2. I too received my disability first time using no lawyer. My thoughts on those who use lawyers, in some cases, don’t have a true disbility. If you have a disability, and the medical documentation to back it up, you can get approved without the aid of an attorney. Same with FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act). I used it twice when I was employed. No problem getting it approved.

  3. My experience shows that living on SSI and starvation are similiar. Many years back (my first exaccerbation), I wound up having to give up my job and apply for SSI. I, like you, was approved the first time. My problem, I really wanted a job. If you are on SSI you must be on it for a specified period before trying to earn any $. With the help of a friend I went to work part time unknowingly 3 days too soon. The great United States Social Security Adinistration sued me.

  4. I had to use a lawyer unlike most of you. I had a true ass for a physician until I switched and had someone who was listening to me and cared. I also would rather be working a full time job in my profession. Being Social Security is not a way of helping to pay the bills.

  5. My 1st exacerbation left me in quite bad shape. I filed for SSI and received it. After word of my condition got around a former customer of mine called. He offered me a part time job I could do from my wheel chair and the company purchased a used van with a lift and hand controls. I had kept the Social Security Administration of all these happenings. After you begin receiving SI you must be on it for a given amount of time before returning to work. I inadvertently went to work two days too soon, The SSA sued me for the return of the monies I had received. Fortunately I found a lawyer who handled the case pro bono. I improved a bit and was able to get a full time job I could work from my wheel chair and retired in 2010 at 67. I now draw full Soc Sec benefits.

  6. I never thought of those obnoxious commercials that way- thank you. I was denied the first time I filed and did get an attorney. I was approved after a hearing so I WON my case. Thank you MS for the aches, the pains, the ridiculous fatigue, the major brain issues, the shots, the horrible bladder, and yes, the incredible financial winfall…. Excuse me while I head off to the Caribbean to party my win away….