Day One

Day One


Like being etched in stone, you remember the day you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

For some it was a long awaited answer to lingering health problems.

While for others, our “d-day” was filled with fearful thoughts of what the future holds.

You remember that day like it was the back of your hand.

But since you can’t change the past, why waste any of your precious energy thinking about it, right?

Instead, try to focus on the many good days you’ve had…A wedding day.  Graduation.  Special times.  The birth of a child.

Or even…..your own birth!

In this My Odd Sock exclusive, My Odd Sock recounts his journey into the world with uncanny clarity.

Please enjoy this firsthand account entitled “Day One.”

Head actual size!
Head actual size!

Man, I had it made.  Just floating around in my very own hot tub.

Not a care in the world.

I’d spend time sucking my thumb.  Maybe writing something on the walls if I felt ambitious.

For the most part my time was La-Tee-Da.

Till one day things started happening.

My room began to squeeze me periodically.  The squeezing was making my room smaller & smaller.  Now I’ll admit I had put on a couple pounds over the winter, but things were really getting crowded.

I was upside down at the time when someone must have pulled the plug on my hot tub.   All the water rushed out.

‘What the hell?  I’m not done in here,’ I shouted.

The surge of the drain forced me downward headfirst!

As big as a melon and just as quishy inside
As big as a melon and just as quishy inside

My ginormous head entered this tunnel.

The walls squished the soft plates of my skull together.

My head felt like it had a migraine times ten.

Where was I going and when would this nightmare end?

Finally I began seeing light in the tunnel.

DoctorMuch to my horror, I saw this man reaching for me.

I wailed at him…’Dude, you’re scaring me with the get-up!  I’m a baby–not an alien for crying out loud!’

But he didn’t hear me.

As he pulled me out, I tried to claw my way back in but my fingernails weren’t yet fully developed.

He came at me with a pair of scissors.

I screamed again…’Make sure you cut the right thing, fella!’  (To this day I still think he made the wrong choice.)

The man then laid me down atop the chest of a lady with ample bosom.

‘Ahhh,’ I exhaled.  I was exhausted from the move and was ready for a nap.”

My point is, we must think of the good days and not dwell on the bad.  We can’t change the past or predict the future.  But we do have today.  So live it fully.

Now if you don’t mind, time for another nap…I’m still tired from the move, I figure.


3 Replies to “Day One”

  1. It’s not only uncanny how well you remember that day, it’s downright incredible that you had a freaking CAMERA with you to capture that “coming out of the tunnel” shot — while upside down, no less. Well done!

  2. Ms. Cranky,
    How could I ever forget that man’s eyes!
    Thanks for your encouraging message.

    Oh you’ll come up with something clever–you always do!
    (Draft a post? Maybe I should start giving some thought to my subject matter!) Thank you for commenting!